I Feel A Twitter Run Around Coming On...

I Feel A Twitter Run Around Coming On…

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twitterHeidi MacDonald: Gareb Shamus just bought Toronto Comicon?

Marv Wolfman: and another one bites the dust.

Neil Gaiman: Good morning, Universe. Looking good. I see the sun came up today as well. Big thumbs up on that one, great idea. I’ll get out of bed then.

Geoff Johns: 21 hours until I see Transformers 2

Greg Rucka: Music at Starbucks is TOO DAMN LOUD!

Tom Brevoort: Arune Singe returned from the Philadelphia convention with a can of Pepsi Throwback for me. Score! Well done, Arune!

Rob Liefeld: Take one acclaimed writer, team him with 6 legendary diva/headaches/pain-in-the-asses and get them to produce 5 22 page comics=ImageUnited

Dave McKean: BBC crew here at 10:30, interview, cut-aways, location, working and atmos shots all done, script written and film edited by 12:15. Amazing.

Jason Wood: Wow, Marvel ships 39 comics today [according @richjohnston], can you say quarter end and scrambling to make the numbers? $MVL

Dave McKean: You see? This is why I don’t like doing sound bite interviews; I said I don’t do faeries and dragons, but do draw surreal things,and they… only use the 2nd. part of that bit, which makes it look like I ONLY draw faeries and dragons! Bollocks! No more BBCNews interviews for me.

I won’t post anything by Mark Waid today. Best not, eh?

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