San Diego Dreaming: How Much????

San Diego Dreaming: How Much????

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san-diego-comic-conThis seems to be the new way to make a little money. Buy a four day pass to SanDiego for under $100. Sit on it for a month. Then, after it’s been sold out, slap it on eBay and see it go for an outrageous amount. $610 folks.

Is that too much to pay?

Well, with demand so high and tickets sold out so soon, it’s not inconceivable that, closer towards the event with hype machines raging, four day tickets will be going for north of $1000. Currently most sales are between $400 and $500. But now a new benchmark is set and latecomers are going to have to start digging into their heating and food budgets.

What’s next, auctioning hotel reservations? Ooh, there’s a thought..

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