Twenty-Five Years After Watchmen, Hampstead Library Decides Adults Might Like To Read Comics Too

13655The Eagle Tribune reports the ground breaking news that the Hampstead Public Library in New Hampshire is readying itself to stack comics intended for adults on its shelves. The article explains that “they’re not comics. The books belong to a genre called graphic novels.”

That’s a genre, folks!

And it’s all thanks to one geek graduate Tyler Martin who gave the library a list of twenty-five titles to consider. “Some are part of a series and some are standalone. One is about the Holocaust. One is about a world where all the men are dying and only women are left.” Maus and Y The Last Man there then. I wonder if there’s also one about an old Batman, a young man in a rock band and in a computer game at the same time, or one based on the film From Hell?

Oh, and apparently the genre of graphic novels is excellent for stupid people. “For struggling readers, who don’t understand foreshadowing and literary concepts and the logical flow of a narrative, seeing words and pictures can help.” Which will really help when they encounter two of Martin’s favourite comics… sorry, graphic novels, Black Hole and Jimmy Corrigan. Just picture the scene.

“I can’t understand foreshadowing”

“Try Black Hole”

“I remember that film, all those wacky robots, let me have a look and… Aaaaaaahhhhhh!”

Okay I’m being mean. But doesn’t this strike you as an article from twenty years ago that got placed in some kind of time capsule?

Maybe not. There actually isn’t a POW! KA-BAM! COMICS AREN’T FOR KIDS ANYMORE title. Sweet blessed relief.

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