Square 1 Press Barred From WizardWorld Philadelphia?

Square 1 Press Barred From WizardWorld Philadelphia?

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Steven Hoveke used to be the Operations Manager of Wizard Entertainment in 2007. He currently runs small publisher Square 1 Press who have published a Walt Simonson Convention Sketchbook and were debuting a Howard Chaykin Convention Sketchbook this weekend at the WizardWorld Philadelphia convention. Which they did on Friday, with Howard due to sign copies on the Saturday at Square 1 Press’s Artist Alley table.

Unfortunately when arriving on Friday, Steven found himself barred by security, who had been given his name, and confirmed later by Wizard executive Peter Katz. No reason was given and there seems to have been no issue with Steven’s attendance the previous day. Steven seems to hold a role with the Long Beach Convention in October, but it doesn’t appear to be a competitive one.

While there may be some bad blood between Steven and the remaining people at Wizard, they did take his money, let him advertise the company’s appearance at the show, let him exhibit on the Friday and, you know, take his money for the full weekend appearance… and he didn’t seem to be doing anything like, you know, holding up big signs saying “Wizard Sucks!”

Those who want the sketchbooks in question can find them here.

Wizard representatives did not respond to inquiries.

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