Is Todd MacFarlane The Next President Of The USA?

51l8ghbjiil_sl500_aa240_Is that a slightly misleading title for a post? Well, yes but it was irresistable.And it’s not actually false, it’s just defined by context.

Rogue Nation is a new novel set in 2014 dealing with the UK’s possible political future. And a Republican challengers, Todd McFarlane has beaten Obama after only one term in office.

I know, it’s a fantasy.

A Scotland On Sunday review summarises that part of the plot, saying “Todd Macfarlane, the new Republican president who had consigned Obama to one term, ponders the impact on the US of losing the nuclear base at Faslane”.

Yes but will this delay Spawn any further, hmm? And will Neil Gaiman, Peter David and John Byrne form a new axis of evil?

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