Captain America Returns... In South Wales

Captain America Returns… In South Wales

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p7_crane1displayFathers 4 Justice was a pressure group, that raised the issue of fathers being denied access to their children. And they did so by dreessing up in superhero costimes and chaining themselves to public monuments.

And it worked. Not only did the mainstream press provide huge amounts of coverage, but courts did seem keener to consider the father’s perspective more in such cases.

The group split after there were allegations it was plotting to kidnap Euan Blair, the son of Tony Blair and Cherie Booth.  And, for a time, the superheroes went away.

But as every comic reader knows, that never lasts for long.

This Father’s Day in the UK, two protesters, one dressed as Captain America, the other as Bananaman climbed up cranes next to the Newport Leisure Centre in in Wales for three hours before being arrested, leaving a sign promoting the group.

Looks like we’re to expect a summer of daddy superhero action…

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