Another Victim Of Josh Hoopes

Another Victim Of Josh Hoopes

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This is the work of Federico Zumel, an Argentinian artist. I think his work is fantastic.

Sadly, it seems, so did Josh Hoopes under his recent pseudonym of Ron Runstrom.

A writer commissioned work from Josh, Josh sent that work to Federico, Federico supplied a series of pages, Josh supplied them to the writer who paid up in full, Josh kept all the money, Federico didn’t supply any more pages, the writer wondered where the rest of the pages Josh owed him were…

Anyone who’d like to look at the rest of Federico’s portfolio of work, check it out here.

As long as, you know, you’re willing to pay him and everything.

UPDATE: Cartoonist legend Ty Templeton reports that he too has been scammed by Josh Hoopes, pretending to be Art Adams. Ty grew suspicious when, while talking to the Fake Art Adams about a cover for his Johnny Canuck revival comic, he asked for paypal payment in advance, and a thumbnail sketch to work from, and thankfully discovered the previous columns detailing the scam.

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