Robert Kirkman Punks Comics Industry

Robert Kirkman Punks Comics Industry

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invincible63whoknowsImage Comics sent out a very entertaining press release today. In the wake of Marvel’s decision to restrict solicitation information for comic books in order to maximise media coverage of the comic, Robert Kirkman has done something similar for upcoming comic Invincible #63.
The release is headed “NEW ISSUE OF INVINCIBLE TO BE SUPER POPULAR AND BELOVED FOR VAGUE, CRYPTIC REASONS!” before continuing with “Something might be happening in INVINCIBLE #63 and whatever it is will quite possibly be rather amazing!” and “writer Robert Kirkman and illustrator Ryan Ottley have made a cryptic, semi-confident promise that INVINCIBLE #63 might be kind of a big deal for reasons they wouldn’t say and plan to back it up with a special Wednesday shipment direct to comic shops!”
The release instructs retailers to triple reorders, suggests Barack obama might be caklling a press conference and raisies the posiibility that every newspaper could make it a front page story, in fashion that will feel very familiar to reader of The Onion.
Publisher Eric Stephenson was happy to confirm, saying “something happens.”
The release concludes saying that the comic, though worth $500, will be only $2.99, and that it ships this week.

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