Tomorrow Is Captain America Day!

So what’s the big deal about Captain America #600?

Tomorrow, a number of stores in the USA and Canada will open their doors to customers clamouring for copies of this much anticipated book. The newspapers will be brimming with stories about its contents. There will be long lines, heavy eBay activity, massive internet forum discussion… but right at the point, no one is exactly sure what it’s all about.

The return of Steve Rogers as Captain America is the big expectation. Shot dead a couple of years ago, in the aftermath of the Civil War series, his role has been taken on by World War II sidekick and now cyborg, Bucky Barnes. The series, written by Ed Brubaker hasm, if anything, gone from strength to strength. And while many expected Steve Rogers to somehow rise from the grave and take his costume back in time for next year’s First Avenger: Captain America movie, no one expected it quite so soon.

And with Ed Brubaker and Bryan Hitch’s series Reborn tied in so strongly, there are a lot of eyes on tomorrow’s activity.

And yes, tomorrow. Comics usually are on sale on Wednesday in the US and Canada. But for those shops willing to pay the extra air freight, they’ll get copies on sale tomorrow, to coincide with… well with whatever media announcement Marvel has got planned.

Will an A-lister casting announcement be part of the media furore? Will skin colour be an issue? Will Obama be asked for a quote? Or will it simply be… Captain America is back!

Here are a three non-spoilery pages, courtesy of CBR’s Cup O’ Joe, from tomorrow’s issue. CBR has the full ten page preview.


So… how many copies are you buying? Watch out for a Spoiler Special tomorrow!

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