Final Crisis Hardcover - The Ch.. Ch.. Changes!

Final Crisis Hardcover – The Ch.. Ch.. Changes!

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One of my favourite meta-textual comics moments from the last five years was the Superboy Prime Punching reality scene in Infinite Crisis, as it was used as a reason to explain changes in comics’ second prints and eventual collections. Some were as a result of extra-editorial criticism of the origina finished books, some were seen as too dark, some as too silly, but in some cases scenes were rewritten and redrawn before their final final collection.

There’s nothing quite as major in Final Crisis, some are merely editorial slips commonly corrected in such books. But sometimes you get a glimpse into editorial concerns…

Issue #1
Page 26
Just how important are those “designates”?
Issue #2
Page 23, Panel 3
gets some extra dialogue
Issue #4
Page 8, Panel 5
Mokkari brings a mention of Libra in earlier…


Superman Beyond’s 3-D pages are now normal artwork pages.



And they fixed Shiloh’s skin color, which was mistakenly made white during the scenes in Final Crisis #4-6 where he was unmasked.



Although his colleaue Sonny Sumo now accidentally becomes black for a scene…



Thanks to “The Dude Who Likes the Avengers, David Rees Snell, the Married Adventures of Peter and Mary Jane Parker, and Casual Hardcore Swearing”.
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