Pat Lee's Back... And He's Got Something To Twit.

Pat Lee’s Back… And He’s Got Something To Twit.

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dsc_0882Peace and love to you all and continue in moving towards success and great positivity. Positivity will manifest ten fold if you keep it a consistent thought – and you will be fullfilled spiritually and physically.”

Pat Lee, famed as a superstar artist, poet, model and man to whom credits and payments are an ephemeral mystery has a new outlet to express his wisdom to the world.

We’ll be able to follow his every utterance, with his Twitter account, which currently boasts one entry, and his blog, which lets us know that he’s having fun shopping in Hong Kong. Another blog featuring further updates can be found here.

In one entry, he finds a knockoff Transformers toy that features a pirated copy of his own artwork. I can hear Alex Milne joining in Pat Lee’s laughter from here. There are also some examples of his movie storyboard work, which have interesting figures, but the backgrounds are, at this stage, a little lacking. Again with the laughter.

I’m glad to see that Pat has found happiness, and a content working lifestyle far far away from anyone who wants to ask him awkward questions about  DreamWave, Dream Engine or his family.

John Byrne vs Erik Larsen, Pat Lee, it’s starting to feel more and more like Lying In The Gutters today isn’t it? I wonder what Josh Hoopes is up to right now.

Image copyright Pat Lee.

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