Amazing Spider-Man #2 goes from 1 cent to $22,000 in 46 bids


There must be something rather brave about listing a copy of a valuable silver age comic on eBay for one cent. I mean, you know that a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #2 will never actually go for the solitary coin, but there’s always the nagging possibility that it might.

It does get attention however, and there are enough chancers who will bid a few hundred dollars on the offchance before dropping out as the price quickly spirals up.

And for the rest of us, it can be quite the spectator sport, watching the prices rise, especially at the end, one collector fighting off others, each willing the other to blink first.

I mean, it’s not like we’d actually bd ourselves. Are you mad? But then no one expects the spectators at a baseball match to jump down from the stands and start batting. Not unless they want to be arrested.

And, like many sports, it can someimes only be worth watching the last few minutes. And watch as big time collectors raid their reserve for one last attempt to outbid the others.

So what’s up soon? There are these copies of Fantastic Four 2Amazing Fantasy #15 , X-Men 1, Showcase 4 and Batman 1 to watch out for. This Alex Ross Batman painting should be good spectator sport. Although probably a few months ago would have been the best time to sell this page of Watchmen.

And talking of bad timing, while we admire this sale of Captain America 1, with the first appearance of the character in the 1930s, was it really the best plan for the auction to end today? Couldn’t the seller have let it end on Monday? You know, when all that Captain America media attention is due to hit?

Timing can sometimes be everything.

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