Moving Pictures - Marvel Studios Plan To Expand

Moving Pictures – Marvel Studios Plan To Expand

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Lots of stories regarding Marvel Studios current plans are circulating. Earlier this week, BleedingCool told you that Marvel’s John Turitzin had stated plans for another Marvel Studios movie in 2012 to accompany The Avengers. But is that all?

It seems that according to Marvel Studios, the long term goal is to make three or four movies per year. That’s on top of any Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, Deadpool or Fantastic Four films from the mainstream studios. Expect them to delve deep into their catalogue for sci-fi, horror, fantasy and the like. Is a Street Poet Ray or Yuppies In Love movie entirely off the cards?

Expect to see the Thor movie set in the present day, not the glorious Valhalla past, and you won’t see Donald Blake. Though you will see Hulk in Avengers.

Marvel believe need an international star for the lead role in Captain America, to appeal to an international market. And yes, when asked, Marvel see Will Smith as one of those potential stars…

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