Heidi MacDonald To Sing Karaoke Again. World Trembles.

karaokeHave these people learned nothing? Do they actually want to raise money for charity? I only ask because the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund appears to be running a Live Rock And Roll Karaoke night during the MoCCA festival in New York.

And it’s being co-hosted by comics blogger, editor and PR maestro Heidi MacDonald.

You don’t understand, I’ve been there, I experienced the horrors of Heidi’s karaoke for myself. I even tried to warn you all with the YouTube video featured below.

But you wouldn’t listen. You’re giving her the mike again. And she’s going to start belting out Deep Purple like there’s no tomorrow. And maybe, after she’s finished with us, there won’t be one.

Do whatever you can to stop this travesty. Go to M1-5 in Tribeca from 7pm this Saturday. Pay the suggested donation. Get close to Heidi. Wait till she gets close to the microphone.

Then gag her.

I’m sorry, it’s the only way. Watch this to see what I mean…

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