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Stephen Amell Sat Down With Nerd HQ At 9 AM Sunday Morning

Arrow star Stephen Amell sat down at the Nerd HQ (the Nerd Machine) with Zachary Levi and talked with fans to raise money for charity (Operation Smile). It’s an entertaining interview with a few spoilers.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Casting Wrinkle – Front Runner For Star Lord Role Is Already Part Of Marvel Movieverse

It could open up a goofball doppelganger plot anyhow, eh?

Thor 2 Mini-Rushes – Baddies, Warriors, Fandral And Stan Lee

Another look at Thor 2, our first images of Fandral and a promise from Stan Lee.

Third Franchise Fandral For Thor 2 – Or Is It The First?

Originally, Stewart Townsend was cast as Fandral, one of the Warriors Three in Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor. Then, things went all Lord of the Rings, and Townsend was replaced by Josh Dallas. Officially speaking, there were “creative differences.:” Now that Josh …

A Tangled Video Marathon

Not literally more Tangled videos than you can shake a stick at (I tested, the stick went ahead and shook) but a good little pile none the less. We’ll begin with an actual clip from the film, one that Disney …

Two More Tangled Videos Show Some Great New Footage

Those who have seen the almost-finished version of Tangled seem to be in agreement – it’s a surprising little thing, most disarming, fully charming and one of the year’s most impressive pictures. Bring it on, big ears – I’m ready …

Two New Tangled Videos And A Poster

Disney today the published the first of their Q&A videos with Tangled directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. The hot topic this time? Creating the Hair – something that can be a real pig in CG. If you ever wanted …

Whoah – Hang On – There’s ANOTHER New Tangled Trailer? Already?

It’s only an hour and a half, or thereabouts, since I last ran a Tangled trailer… and there’s another one? Already? Okay, that last trailer was the UK edit. This is the US one. It is significantly different. They’re two …