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Storyboards For Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Unmade Version Of Life Of Pi

The Other Life of Pi.

Full Trailer For Life Of Pi Reveals Its Stylised, FX Heavy Look

Bigger than big, with some cutting edge FX. And it’s going to be a banner film for 3D.

Easy, Tiger! First Online Footage From Life Of Pi Goes For A Killer Swipe

Instead of releasing typical teaser trailers for The Life of Pi, 20th Century Fox have decided to play out scenes from the film, in full. One if screening now in US cinemas, before 3D, non-IMAX screenings of Prometheus. As regards …

First Image From Ang Lee’s Film Of The Life Of Pi

Reputedly making great use of 3D and set to wow us with wall-to-wall but invisible FX work of the highest calibre, Ang Lee‘s adaptation of The Life of Pi is, in fact, a relatively contemplative and thoughtful drama dressed up …