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Max Brooks To Do Nationwide Radio Tour For Free Extinction Parade Comic

Max Brooks, writer of World War Z and son of comic genius Mel Brooks is doing a radio tour of the country to promote that free copies of his series Extinction Parade #1 will be given away at comic shops …

Locke And Peaky Blinders’ Steven Knight Writing Sequel To World War Z

The rather excellent screenwriter Steven Knight has been set to write the screenplay for World War Z II, or whatever they end up calling it. (I have a hunch they’ll at least focus group test World War II Z). Knight’s most …

Exclusive – Max Brooks Announces Extinction Parade: War

Coming on the heels of the announcement that Legendary Pictures has optioned Extinction Parade for television, the New York Times Bestselling Author Max Brooks unleashes the next chapter of his Zombies vs. Vampires comic book series in July, Extinction Parade: War. …

World War Z’s Max Brooks Brings Extinction Parade To TV With Legendary Entertainment

New York Times Best-selling author Max Brooks, known for his zombie fiction in World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide, launched a comic series with Avatar Press, Extinction Parade, in January of 2014 with artist Raulo Caceres. The property …

Max Brooks On Our ‘Anxiety-Ridden Decade’ of Zombies At London Super Comic Con

At the London Super Comic Con on Saturday Avatar Press hosted a spotlight panel with the author of World War Z, Extinction Parade and the upcoming graphic novel Harlem Hellfighters from Avatar Press: Max Brooks. The packed audience was mesmerised …

The Orphanage’s Juan Antonio Bayona To Direct World War Z Sequel‏

Take the horror intent of The Orphanage and mash it up with the huge, but still very human dread of The Impossible and you’ve got a pretty good starting point for a World War Z picture.

Unsurprisingly, The World War Z Sequel Will Need A New Director

I think World War Z ended up, against all expectations, being the most satisfying of Marc Forster’s films to date. It’s going to be a tough story to sequelise, though.

Peter Capaldi Is WHO DOCTOR

UPDATE: It’s all true – click here for the full confirmation. The papers are full of it in Britain right now. The Independent: William Hills has 11/8 odds on Capaldi, making him the favourite to be handed the role, although …

This Is How World War Z’s Max Brooks Gets Some Peace At San Diego Comic Con

Max Brooks is a popular man. He was popular before World War Z, but now even more so. And sometimes he has to take a break from his adoring fans. Just for a little. This is how he did it …

World War Z Had The Mega Ticket But Pacific Rim Has The Super Ticket

Warner Brothers and Cineplex to offer Canadian cinemagoers the option to include a download of the film with their cinema ticket.

The Extinction Parade Goes Platinum

To celebrate their new hit series, Avatar Press has decided to do something extra. When the sold-out 1000 limited edition leather-bound covers of Max Brooks’ The Extinction Parade #1 hit the stores on July 17th, there will be 100 chase …

World War Z Sequels Back On The Cards After Strong Box Office

With the film banking something north of $60 million in the US this weekend, Paramount are back to thinking about sequels again.

Video And Preview: Max Brooks Talks About Vampires And Zombies For Extinction Parade

Tomorrow sees the publication of the first issue of The Extinction Parade, his what-happens-to-vampires-in-a-zombie-outbreak comic, coming out from Bleeding Cool’s owners Avatar Press. Which is how I got this video and preview…

World War Z — The Bleeding Cool Review

Today’s modern zombie is a faster, fitter corpse than the shambling undead brainmuncher of yesteryear. Michael Moran reports from the world of the jumping ghoul.

Clip From World War Z – This Is Just The Beginning

The first few shots of this World War Z clip play out with such interesting sound that it’s something of a shame when the music kicks in.

For $50 You Can See World War Z Two Days Early As Part Of “Mega Ticket” Deal

Also includes a digital copy of the film – just not quite yet. Are you tempted?

BC Mag #4: Max Brooks Redefines Zombies Vs Vampires

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by James Kuhoric Everyone is afraid of something. Whether it is the IRS, clowns, zombies, or IRS clown zombies, there is something picked up from life [usually childhood] that sticks with you in the dark recesses …

World War Z Videos – Scenes From A Zombie Apocalypse

I wonder if this collage marketing campaign is going to be the closest World War Z gets to the original novel.