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Trailer For Willow Blu-Ray Looks Handsome

Lucasfilm’s sword and sorcery story is headed to HD.

Cammy’s Covers – From Fairest to Willow

Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool Fairest #10 by Adam Hughes Oh deer! So if you’re a regular reader of this column, you’ll know of my infatuation with these Adam Hughes Fairest covers. They’re always featuring a beautiful scantily clad …

The Thrilling Face Off Between Buffy And Black Widow That Joss Whedon Made Up Off The Top Of His Head (I Hope)


Moebius, aka Jean Giraud, aka Gir, Has Passed Away

The pioneering comic book creator and movie concept artist Moebius, aka Jean Giraud, aka Gir, has passed away at the age of 73. I expect Rich will want to add something more in respect of his comics work in particular, …