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Christoph Waltz Is Miniature But Evil In This Latest Trailer For Epic

There’s a brightness and vividity to many of the images in this new trailer for Epic that really pleased my eye. My ear, meanwhile, was overjoyed by every little bit of Christoph Waltz.

New Poster For Epic, Screenplay For Rise Of The Guardians – It’s A William Joyce Double

A picture for people who like pictures, some words for people who like words.

First Clip From The Superb-Looking Rise Of The Guardians

Jack Frost isn’t so sure he wants the responsibility, thanks.

Rise Of The Guardians – Dream Teams On Screen And Off

The first full trailer for Peter Ramsey and Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians is properly enticing, like a trailer should be, but I still find myself more drawn to the credit block. Tom Kenny is the toon voice, and Alec …

First Trailer For Miniature War Film, Epic

It’s Epic, has miniature proportions. Originally titled The Leaf Men, and based on William Joyce‘s book, Epic is an upcoming animated adventure film from Blue Sky, the makers of the Ice Age films and Rio. This trailer plays like a …

Rise Of The Guardians Trailer – The Avengers, Or Justice League, Of Holiday Heroes

I can’t watch this trailer for Rise of the Guardians where I am, so I’m depending on you to view it and post some kind of feedback on the forum. Please. Because I’m very curious. William Joyce, the creator of …

Rise Of The Guardians Is Like A Justice League Of Holiday Heroes – Check Out The Poster

I was sitting on this for a moment, but it appears to be cropping up elsewhere now, so here it is, ahead of schedule: a good look at Dreamworks’s Rise of the Guardians. To set it up, here’s a blurb: …