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Will Smith To Star In Film About Football Concussions In The NFL

The film will be based on the GQ article Game Brain by Jeanne Marie Laskas.

Will Smith In Line For Brilliance, Sci-Fi Thriller About A Super Geniuses Terrorist Hunter‏

So that’s intriguing. A whole planet of people doing Derren Brown tricks but squared, one of them hunting a sort-of Magento sounding type. Could work.

Will Smith Won’t Be In The Independence Day Sequel, Michael B. Jordan Still In The Running‏

Either that or the studio kicked his quote to the kerb.

Bad Boys 3 Back In The Works With Safe House’s David Guggenheim‏

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until I see some of his pages and not just what they’ve ended up looking like on screen.

Will Smith To Star In Fantasy Story The City That Sailed‏

Smith has been attached for several years, but Shawn Levy makes it official.

Casting Roundup: Christoph Waltz Wants To Be A Horrible Boss After All, Plus Warcraft, Will Smith And More

He was out but now Christoph Waltz is back in for Horrible Bosses 2, Will Smith is selling time for a do-over, James Franco returns to Palo Alto and more in today’s roundup. • Christoph Waltz will be a horrible …

Maybe Will Smith Will Be In The Independence Day Sequel Or Sequels After All, When They Eventually Happen

Now that the blogosphere has trained all journalists to be future-focused and drill their interview subjects for “news,” a candid filmmaker can find themselves giving parts of the movie making process more public exposure than is perhaps ideal. For example, …

There Is Space For Will Smith Alongside Pullman And Goldblum In Independence Day 2, Just Not Much

I don’t expect Fox would dig too deep into their pockets for bait. How far could they sell the film on a cameo?

In Which The Opportunity To Hear Will Smith Say “Welcome Back To Earth” Is Missed – Saturday Trending Topics

Oh Roland Emmerich, what an opportunity lost. I still have faith in an ID sequel, but let’s hope “totally unusual” means you won’t be destroying the White House for the third time. Most-Read Comic Stories Saturday: The Entire History Of …

Will Smith Not Coming Back For “Totally Unusual” Independence Day Sequel

Expect half of the cast of the original film and half new players. And maybe a cliffhanger.

Will Smith Wants In With The Modern Day Wild Bunch Remake

Before Tony Scott passed away, he was working on a contemporary do-over of Sam Peckinpah’s milestone western, The Wild Bunch.

First Clip From After Earth – A Tough Love Parenting Moment

They’ve saved the birds and the bees talk for when you see the whole movie.

Men In Black 4 Goes Into Development After A New Pitch Impresses Sony

After he’s done rewriting the 21 Jump Street sequel, hotly tipped screenwriter Oren Uziel will move on to drafting up a pass at Men in Black 4.

Full Trailer For M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth

Seems like there’s scope for some head-on fun with ideas about evolution vs. invention here, and how mankind has survived through application of technology. And then there’s some Will Smith being shouty stuff too. Something for everyone?

Swipe File: First Poster For After Earth And First Poster For Oblivion

It’s happening again.

First Trailer For Shyamalan’s Sci-Fi Epic, After Earth, With Will And Jaden Smith

Looks good to me.

3D FilmSchool 101: Just How And Why Fox Have Converted I, Robot From 2D To 3D

Learn how a 2D film is made 3D, and what’s so different about the new iRobot.

First Promo Video For Shyamalan’s After Earth

There are decades of backstory to the new M. Night Shyamalan science fiction picture, After Earth and you’ll get walked through a whole load of it in this pleasantly zippy viral video. The story of After Earth apparently originated with Will …