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Ed Brubaker’s Remake Of Maniac Cop To Announce Its Director At Cannes

Plus: Irvine Welsh writing a Spring Breakers sequel, a film that promises both hards-ons and tears, and a new Paul Verhoeven thriller.

Will Smith Wants In With The Modern Day Wild Bunch Remake

Before Tony Scott passed away, he was working on a contemporary do-over of Sam Peckinpah’s milestone western, The Wild Bunch.

French Audiences Pee On Seats In Response To Paranormal Activity 4, Get Sinister Boycotted

I see Paris, I see France, Paranormal Activity made them wet their underpants.

Now Is The Time To Buy Five Of The Greatest Westerns

There used to be so many Westerns. So many. Like superhero movies today. In fact, more than that. Much more than that. And now? Tumbleweeds. Quite sad, really. But there were a good number of great westerns, and in a …

Lethal Weapon, Westworld And Wild Bunch Reboots Have Tinsel Town Talking

There’s several beloved and, if we’re talking commercially, eminently rebootable “properties” in the Warner Bros. back catalogue, and from time to time we’ll hear that one or the other is being warmed up for us. So far, several of the …