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Aquaman Gets Not One, But Two Script Writers

There was Aquaman news yesterday, it just wasn’t the official confirmation of Jason Momoa. According to THR, Warner Brothers has not one, but two writers working on an Aquaman script separately. Both writers are from Warners’ “stable of scribes”. Will …

Sneak Peek At Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis – While It Lasts

I’m guessing this is off of the Batman: Assault On Arkham DVD / Blu-ray that comes out this week. In which case I’m thinking it won’t be up long before Warner Bros get drop a line to YouTube… but while …

Warner Bros Options Dragonriders Of Pern Series

After Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit have finished their theatrical run, Warner Brothers will still need a tent pole fantasy epic series and they may have just found it. According to deadline, the studio …

Four Reasons Why Batman Vs. Superman’s Delayed Release is a Good Thing

By Hilton Collins It was the announcement that jolted entertainment media with something sizzling to gossip about, at least for a week or two. On Friday, January 17, Warner Bros. announced that they were pushing back the release date for …

DC Comics and Dwayne Johnson – Know Your Role

By Shaun Leonard Finally… The Rock has been cast as a superhero. Or perhaps he’ll play his first silver screen villain (we’ll debate The Mummy Returns in the comments I’m sure). This would be against Dwayne Johnson’s usual type, but …

Chinese Box Office Decides The Fate Of The Pacific Rim Sequel, But Hollywood Is Struggling To Get Paid

Pacific Rim has just had a very impressive opening in China, but how long until Warner Brothers see the money from this big box office win.

Legendary’s New Deal Means The End Of Their DC Superheroes, Hope Of A New Dawn For Hellboy – UPDATED

It’s funny how the film news cycle works. Peculiar, that is. Not ha ha.

Finally! Full Season Sets For Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated Begin

While there’s sadly no sign of Blu-ray, Warner Bros. are at least going to issue DVD season sets for the tremendous Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

And Warner Bros.’ Next DC Comics Movie To Go Into Development Is… Fables

Now that Once Upon A Time has been a pretty big hit on TV the studio might have some work to do convincing the public that their movie isn’t just a knock-off.

Batman URLs Reveal Possible New Movie Or Videogame Names

Sorry guys, DC Arkhamverse is off the table.

Superman Copyright Dispute Appeal Ruling In Favor Of DC Comics – Thursday Trending Topics

The ongoing dispute over the rights to Superman has taken an apparently critical turn; another step in this dispute between the Siegal estate, and Warner Bros and DC Comics: The US Appeal courts have ruled in favour of Warner Bros and …

The Asylum Finally Have One Of Their Mockbusters Blocked As Lawyers Stop Age Of The Hobbits

Hobbits ruled fantasy creatures, not actual people.

Warner Brothers Sign Twenty Film Deal With IMAX

Warner Brothers want to get you immersed. Really immersed.

Thursday Trending Topics: Adam West Rises

This is pretty interesting — apparently WB is going to do a big marketing push for Batman TV show merch for the first time in 40 years: Warner Bros. have cleared the rights to merchandise the 1960s Batman TV series, including …

Thinkwell Giving England Its Own Harry Potter Attraction in 2012

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: Many people who live in Oxford, such as myself, will have a tale to tell of Harry Potter, whether it’s seeing cast members around the place, watching scenes being filmed or visiting historic places …

Superhero, Movie Drinking Glasses Under Investigation for Lead, Cadmium Levels

The Associated Press revealed tonight the results of new laboratory tests of collectible drinking glasses for toxic metals lead and cadmium. The tests are part of an investigation in response to a McDonald’s recall of 12 million Shrek glasses this …