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Alleged Image Of Affeck Batsuit Turns Up, May Well Be Totally Fake – UPDATED: It Is Fake

If this *is* real, then what do you think?

New DC-Based “Series” Of Movies To Be Announced Soon, WB CEO Says

And the suggestion is, Justice League is amongst them.

A Modest Proposal: Marvel, Sony and Fox Need to Share IP

By Tony Panaccio It’s a Big Sandbox, People – If You Play Nice, You’ll ALL Make Billions There is one word – one ridiculous word – that Marvel cannot use in any of its self-produced films within its cinematic universe. …

Full Flash Costume Revealed

DC Comics and Warner Bros have revealed the full Flash uniform that Grant Gustin will be wearing on the new CW pilot. The Flash’s costume was designed by three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costume for Arrow and whose motion …

DC Comics To Announce Batman: Arkham Knight Game Tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the new DC All-Access video hit. An all-games edition, it seems. Newsarama suggest they are announcing a new Batgame. We can confirm that, yes, they are. And it makes a perfect opportunity to announce the new Batman game …

Warner Bros. Planning A Minecraft Movie… In Live Action

Okay, I can’t quite conceive of a successful animated Minecraft movie, not really, but a live action one stretches my imagination to places I’m not sure a major studio movie would like to go.

Lego Marvel Superheroes – Lego A Little Piece of My Heart

By Jared Cornelius I have never known a child to grow up without Legos, oh sure they might have had Mega Blocks, or Playmobil, but Legos were always king, and every savvy child knew it.  It’s been almost 20 years …

Justice League War Is Still On In Snowy New York City Tonight

Did you win tickets to the World Premiere of Justice League: War tonight at The Paley Center for Media in New York? You may have been worried about the snowstorm currently hitting the city, but Warner Bros promise, the show …

The Rock Says He’s Had A Big Meeting With Warner Bros. About A DC Comics Project

Doomsday? Lobo? Something else entirely?

Long-Shot Rumour: Denzel Washington Is Going To Play Green Lantern John Stewart

I’ll come out and say that I’m very sceptical about this story. Very. If it turns out to be true, I’ll eat all the humble pie and a jar of pickled eggs.

Warner Bros & Leonardo DiCaprio Team For Bill Watterson Biopic

The Tracking Board is reporting that Warner Bros has grabbed the Dan Dollar penned biopic A Boy And His Tiger about Calvin And Hobbes creator Bill Watterson.  The film will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Roy Lee and Rock Shaink and …

Are Comic Book Publishers The R&D Department For Hollywood?

With the fact that a lot of the big budget movies hitting the theaters are based on comic books, I know that both Hollywood and investors are watching what the publishing arms of Disney and Warner Brothers are doing very …

Some Awful Names That Warner Bros. Seem To Be Considering For The Superman-Batman Movie

Such is the narrative of Zack Snyder and David Goyer’s upcoming Batman-Superman movie, the possible title of World’s Finest just won’t cut it.

Surprise: Girls’ Adam Driver Likely To Play Nightwing In The Batman-Superman Movie

There’s an ever increasing list of “name” characters being associated with this picture.

Why Is Jock Drawing Superman, Batgirl, Batman And Wonder Woman For Warner Bros.?

Costume concept designs? Doesn’t look impossible.

Rumour: Olga Kurylenko Has Screen Tested For The Role Of Wonder Woman In The Superman-Batman Film

So let’s suppose that Wonder Woman is in the film. Why wasn’t she part of the big Comic Con announcement?

SCOOP: DC Comics To Move Lock, Stock To Burbank (Confirmation UPDATE)

During the reorganisation of DC Comics into DC Entertainment, much of the production side of the comics publisher was moved from New York to Burbank in California, home to its parent company Warner Bros. There was much speculation at the …

Justice League: War – The NYCC Panel Recap

Andy Bentley writes for Bleeding Cool: The panel Friday afternoon consisted of Gary Miereanu of WB Home Entertainment, Producer James Tucker, Director Jay Oliva, Voice Director Andrea Romano and our new and reportedly ongoing voice of Batman, Jason O’mara. Before the …