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New Footage Of Christophe Gans’ La Belle Et La Bête In Making-Of Featurette

This is all in French, but isn’t it all about the stunning visuals anyway? We get a good look at those here.

First Poster For La Belle Et La Bête, Starring Vincent Cassel And Léa Seydoux

A new version of Beauty and the Beast, from Christophe Gans, the director of Brotherhood of the Wolf and Silent Hill.

Casting Roundup: Naomi Watts, Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Lopez And Many, Many More

The longest casting roundup to date? New projects for Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, Daniel Bruhl, Willem Dafoe and just about everyone else you can think of.

Vincent Cassel Replacing Philip Seymour Hoffman In Child 44

Russian spy thriller Child 44 is losing Philip Seymour Hoffman but gaining Vincent Cassel.

Danny Boyle’s Trance – First Images With James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, Vincent Cassel – UPDATED With More

An art heist gone wrong and a headbender plot full of twists.

The Monk, His Madness, The Silent Film Effect And Influence Of Hitchcock

An interview with Dominik Moll, director of The Monk.

Windwalkers – The New Sci-Fi Toon From The Director Of Dobermann (And What’s This About Dobermann 2?)

Jan Kounen is not only in preparation for Flight of the Storks, his TV miniseries adaptation of a Jean-Christophe Grange novel, he’s also developing his first animated feature film, Windwalkers*. The film’s first sales poster appeared at Cannes, and now …