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In September, Nerd Block Will Give You A Veneral Disease – UNBOXING

Here is the unboxing of one of the items, appearing in the next Nerd Block subscription packages…. Yes, a cuddly plush Crab Louse, though I understand that Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis are also being sent out in Nerd Blocks as …

How To Ride Your Dinobot – New Transformers Promos Riff On How To Train Your Dragon [UPDATED]

Not the typical promo for a Michael Bay film you’d have to admit, and interesting for it.

Video: Comparing Edgar Wright’s Comedy To Contemporary American Films

Of course, there’s also the contrary argument that this is video is just in love with novelty and showing-off…

JJ Abrams And An Alien Appear In A Video Message From The Set Of Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars can do some good, and JJ Abrams is trying to make sure it does.

Wolverine Cat Just Got A Sequel

We all know Wolverine Cet. Well, not everyone liked Wolverine Cat. And Wolverine Cat… does not like that. Wolverine Cat versus the trolls…

A Featurette On The Virtual Cinematography Of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

When do we get a trailer for the next Hobbit film, whatever it’s going to be called?

See Quicksilver In (Biscuit) Action – The X-Men: Days Of Future Past Version

And some bonus posters that made me think of Abba.

In Which I Meet Constantine, The World’s Most Dangerous Frog, And Ty Burrell, Considerably Less Deadly Or Amphibian

Why did I collapse on the set of Muppets Most Wanted and end up in the hospital? Mystery solved.

A Scary Way Of Working – Behind The Scenes Of In Fear, The First Feature From Sherlock Director Jeremy Lovering

It doesn’t look like the easiest way to make a movie, but there’s real commitment to getting the scares to play out with panic and the closest thing they can get to actual fear.

Four Minute Promo From Captain America: The Winter Soldier Starts With A Meaty Clip

If you’ve been avoiding the more recent trailers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you might be even further inclined to skip a clip. If it’s of any use, though, I can tell you that this snippet comes from the top of the movie.

Video: The Muppets Go To The Drive Through

Including a brilliant, lovestruck reaction from Rowlf.

Everybody Loves Terry Gilliam – Christoph Waltz And The Zero Theorem Crew On Their Director

Who is the man in the hat? Anybody know?

Stars Of The Lego Movie Try To Think Of Their Favourite Movie Moments

It takes them a while but they eventually come up with some examples.

Alex De Campi’s New Video For Joan As Police Woman

This is the video to Holy City, the first single from Joan As Police Woman‘s new album The Classic available everywhere March 10th. And it’s directed by My Little Pony: Friends Forever and Grindhouse: Doors Open At Midnight writer Alex …

Vampire Academy Release Brought Forward, Two New Promo Trailers Released

The new plan is for Mark Waters’ Vampire Academy to open a week earlier, on February 7th. These promos only hint at the bite and burn in Daniel Waters’ screenplay.

Wordburglar’s Welcome To Cobra Island Gets Video Release For Rap Viper

We knew this was coming. And here it is. WordBurgler’s hip hop tribute to GI Joe. Cobra propaganda.┬áBecause every evil snake-based organization needs some mad rhymes, right? Rap Viper is the lead single from his latest album Welcome To Cobra …

A Comic Show – When You Leave Your Copy Of Miracleman in The Store Bathroom

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes, Hey Fandom! I’m back with more new comics now! This week has some Marvels of note, Justice League 3000, and X-Files Conspiracy among others. First, let me just get it …

Five New Year’s Resolutions For Cosplayers – VIDEO

Our Senior Cosplay Correspondent at Bleeding Cool, Ian Mageto, gives you his most sage advice, oh cosplayers, on your upcoming year. We who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it. Push your comfort zones and branch …