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Vera Farmiga Is Impatient For The Conjuring 2 But New Line Are Waiting For James Wan‏

When, or indeed if, Wan finds time to return to The Conjuring it’s not a given that he’ll direct. He may just co-wrote, or just closely produce.

Turn Off The Lights, Turn Up The Volume And Watch Six New Clips From The Conjuring

The Conjuring looks like it may be filled with plenty of moments to make you jump.

Video: The First Six Minutes Of Psycho Reboot Bates Motel, The First Six Months Of Its Story

What happened to Norman and his mother? Well, here’s one pretty big thing, just to get them started.

Teaser For James Wan’s The Conjuring – The Creator Of Saw And Insidious Tells A Real Life Ghost Story

This looks pretty efficient.

New Bates Motel Teaser – Mother Loves Norman

This should convince you that Freddie Highmore is a good Master Bates.

Bates Motel Won’t Treat The Movies Or Original Book As Canon, Can Go Wherever It Wants To

Everything old is new again – except the fixtures and fittings.

Full Trailer-Featurette For Bates Motel – Meet The Young Norman In The TV Psycho Prequel

I wouldn’t check in to the Bates Motel, but you should… ahem…. check out this trailer.

New Psycho Prequel Pictures Offer Clues… And Reveal That It’s Set In The Present Day

More pictures than you can shake a knife in the shower at.

First Official Image From The Psycho Prequel Shows Norman, Mother And The Bates Motel

The house of horror lurks in the back.

Review: Source Code

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: It’s fair to say that audiences and critics alike expect great things from Duncan Jones’ Source Code. That’s what happens when your debut movie is as big a favourite as Moon has become. But …

Vera Farmiga And Elle Fanning To Star In Pure Life

Nothing about the lifestyles portrayed in the Brat Pack movies particularly appeals to me. I think I blame the 80s, the decade that spawned the films. It wasn’t my favourite time. But I never was a teenage girl. Maybe if …

UK Trailer For Duncan Jones Source Code

Okay, I have no idea why but the new, UK trailer for Duncan Jones’ Source Code is some 10-15 seconds shorter than the US one. I’m scratching my head as to why. There doesn’t appear to be anything contentious in …