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Erik’s Weekly Watch – Why You Should Be Watching Scorpion, The Most Terrible TV Show Of Fall 2014

By Erik Grove Another week has come and gone and that means it’s time for another installment of Erik’s Weekly Watch! This week I’m going to award the worst television show of the year and I’m going to tell you …

Trailer For Utopia: Season Two

It all started with a comic book… but it went way, way beyond that. Utopia is playwright Dennis Kelly‘s paranoid conspiracy thriller and, after a first series that became a bona fide cult artefact, series two is very keenly anticipated. …

Alan Moore’s Newly Discovered First Published Work Sells For Over $5100

Alan Moore‘s bibilography is clear. His first published work was in Embryo #5, called Once There Were Daemons, published by Northampton Arts Lab, in 1971. That’s wrong. Moore scholars point to the two page feature he wrote on The Shadow, published in the fanzine …

David Fincher And Gillian Flynn Reunite To Remake British Thriller Utopia For HBO

The British series is already in production on a second season.

A List Of Recent-ish British TV On DVD And Stuff For Bleeding Cool’s Boss

I do this list for William Christensen every year or so. Basically stuff that’s been on TV that’s either out on DVD over the past year or two, that’s unlikely to be released in widely the USA, that I quite …

David Fincher In The Frame To Remake Channel 4′s Utopia

No, David Fincher isn’t considering a remake of Gerry Anderson’s live-action series, UFO. I read that wrong. it’s Utopia. The one with the comic book.

Utopia Gets Second Series From Channel 4

“Already shaping up to be more imaginative, outrageous and brilliantly intriguing than the first.”

Utopia Gets A Limited Edition Comic Book Spinoff

It’s the big Channel 4 TV success of 2013 (until Black Mirror starts tonight, obviously). But Utopia, a cross between Pulp Fiction and Tideland, a political pharmaceutical thriller set in the urban and rural landscapes of Britain, uses the script …

The Utopia Clip Made Especially For Me

@richjohnston Wilson Wilson is trying to warn you. Please check today’s email. They know EVERYTHING. #Utopia — C4 Utopia (@C4Utopia) January 15, 2013 Okay that freaked me out. A special YouTube message from Faisal of Four Lions. Okay, okay, it’s …

Misfits Renewed For A Fifth Series

Misfits has had a somewhat troubled fourth series this year, with al the original cast now leaving. But recent episodes seem to have picked up rather nicely. I went to see the premiere of a new Channel 4 series last …

First Review – Utopia, The New Channel 4 Conspiracy Thriller About A Graphic Novel

Today, I went to a press screening of the first episode of Channel 4 and Kudos’ new conspiracy thriller, Utopia.

Loads Of New Footage – First Look At Misfits Series 4, Utopia, The Snowman Sequel And More

Much, much more.

From Matilda To Utopia – A New Show About A Graphic Novel That Has The Power

Channel 4′s next big sci-fi/fantasy commission is Utopia, a thriller about a graphic novel with odd powers.

Where Exactly Is That Shield Helicarrier In Avengers Vs X-Men #1 Again Exactly?

Here is a panel from one of the final pages of Avengers Vs X-Men #1 from Marvel Comics. The print edition. And here it is again, in the digital edition. Note that the digital edition very kindly points out that …

Dark Reign: The List By Bendis And Friends

“As some day it may happen that a victim must be found, I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list” The List is the new Dark Reign mini-event-ish thing from Marvel starting in September. Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, …