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Beware The Batman Returning To Cartoon Network In Worst Timeslot Ever

If you’ve been waiting for the animated DC series to return to finish off its run, there’s good news and bad news.

Now Is The Time To Buy The 14-Blu-ray Gatchaman Set

All 105 of the original episodes of Gatchaman, or Battle of the Planets or even G Force to the US and my fellow Brits, are available in a single Blu-ray box.

HBO And BBC Co-Producing Miniseries Based On JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy

So it looks like she was wrong after all about it not being a very filmable book.

World War Z’s Max Brooks Brings Extinction Parade To TV With Legendary Entertainment

New York Times Best-selling author Max Brooks, known for his zombie fiction in World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide, launched a comic series with Avatar Press, Extinction Parade, in January of 2014 with artist Raulo Caceres. The property …

The First Clip From Star Wars: Rebels Makes Action Into Character

It’s the first Disney-commissioned Star Wars story, and I dare say it will meet a lot of scrutiny for just that reason.

First Trailer For Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black Season 2

“This is like… next level crazy.”

John Malkovich Is Blackbeard And More In First Images From NBC’s Crossbones

I think it’s got a good chance of being appointment-to-view stuff.

Pascal Campion Draws Coulson And The Cellist For Agents Of SHIELD: The Only Light In The Darkness – And Martin Hand Draws Thor 2

  The latest official accompanying art from Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I don’t care what anyone says, I think is pretty damn fine) by Pascal Campion ahead of next week’s episode, The Only Light In The Darkness.   As …

Trailer For Series 2 Of The BBC’s Zombie Drama, In The Flesh

It’s original, it’s witty and – especially for a show comprised of dead flesh – it’s very fresh.

IDW’s Wormwood Being Developed As Animated TV Series

The project will soon be shopped to networks.

The X-Men And Those Sexist Carl’s Jr And Hardee’s Burger Ads

We all know women are the weaker sex. Which means, when they are confronted with a large burger, such as the type that Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s serve, that they have no other choices but to put the burger down, …

A Guillermo Del Toro Double – Crimson Peak Pics, The Strain Trailer

As handsome as you’d expect.

How The 12 Monkeys TV Show Will Be Different From The Movie

The show won’t just be the Terry Gilliam film stretched out over 12 hours.

Vertigo’s Scalped May Be Headed For Television

Scalped is the latest in a long series of DC comics headed for TV.

Booze Geek – Game Of Thrones Special!

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Fire and Blood Red Ale Brewery: Ommegang Brewery With the new season of Game of Thrones now on, Ommegang Brewery has released the third in their special line of beers made in conjunction with HBO and …

The Truman Show May Be Adapted For Television

Paramount is forging its way into TV and will be turning to its library for material. Among the films they will be developing for TV is a new adaptation of Andrew Niccol’s The Truman Show, which starred Jim Carrey as …

Red Dwarf Series XI To Start Filming This October, Air Autumn 2015‏

It seems that everybody will be present and correct, and the scripts will once again be written by Doug Naylor.

AMC Shifts Gears From Zombies To The American Revolution In Turn

By Bill Watters With the end of the year’s episodes of Walking Dead, AMC’s is bringing us Turn (Sundays at 9pm/8pm central), a new spy drama set during the early years of the Revolutionary War. Having an affinity for historically …