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More Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Spots, This Time Focusing On Gamora And Rocket

More and more promotion is coming out for the movie and it’s sure to be everywhere as the month ticks by.¬†Movieweb got two new TV spots for Guardians Of The Galaxy, the first is focusing on Gamora and how she …

Vampire Academy Release Brought Forward, Two New Promo Trailers Released

The new plan is for Mark Waters’ Vampire Academy to open a week earlier, on February 7th. These promos only hint at the bite and burn in Daniel Waters’ screenplay.

Kick-Ass Promos: Doctor Gravity, Battle Guy And Insect Man Want You To Join Justice Forever

I’m hoping Kick-Ass 2 is a smart and sharp satire and not just Battle of the Cosplayers. These videos hint, just a little, that I may get my wish.

Two TV Spots For Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim

They’re still cancelling the apocalypse. Thankfully.

Two More Man Of Steel TV Spots With Lots Of New Footage

Planes get punched on the nose and the knives are out.

Jim Carrey Can Do Magic, Sling Superb Insults In First Clip From Burt Wonderstone

Or, by its full title, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

Get Ahead Of The Game – Superbowl Spots You Can See Now

Equip yourself. Watch these now and you’ll be a prize bluffer by kick-off.

Video: Robotech Movie Nets Director Nic Mathieu – Here’s Some Of His Previous Work

The back catalogue of Robotech’s new main man.

TV Spots For Oblivion, Pain And Gain, Movie 43 And More

Lotsa spotsa.

Apparently Leaked Clip And Two TV Trailers For The Next Resident Evil

Plus a bonus video of… something I don’t want to understand.

Two New TV Spots For The Hunger Games

Lionsgate have released two new TV ads for The Hunger Games, but I can’t see either of them from here in the UK. So… I guess they’ll just have to speak for themselves. I’m in this for Gary Ross, one …

Look! Christopher Lloyd Is Doc Brown Again For Some New Commercials

Christopher Lloyd has now played Doctor Emmet Brown in the three Back to the Future feature films, one theme park ride, a five-part videogame and some commercials for an Argentinian electricals store. Anything I’m missing from that list? Maybe a …

Two New TV Spots For Super 8

New Super 8 footage keeps dripping out but you won’t get more than half a glass of Monster Juice until you’re sitting in the cinema, I’m sure. Here’s a pair of new TV spots, each with their own little bits …

Some TV Spots For Pirates 4, Thor, Green Lantern And Kung Fu Panda 2

Here are a couple of TV ads for Thor, a couple more for Green Lantern and one apiece for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Kung Fu Panda 2. If it came to a vote, I’d vote for …