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Turns Out, True Blood Wasn’t Doing an Homage to Terminator 2 And Bill And Sookie Won’t Be What We Think They’ll Be

By Abigail Raney Despite what the internet – and panel moderator Tim Stack – thought (and despite having Robert Patrick on the cast), apparently that hallway scene on last week’s episode was not meant to be a send up to …

Deborah Ann Woll Joins The Cast Of Daredevil

The new Marvel series Daredevil has begun filming and now we get word from Entertainment Weekly that the role of Karen Page has gone to True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll. Page was introduced in the first issue of Daredevil and …

True Blood To End With Seventh Season In 2014

I’ve never much cared for True Blood but I’ll at least agree that Anna Paquin is magnificent. Okay, that she was magnificent in Margaret. And The Piano.

HBO’s Spring Trailer Plus A True Blood Season Six Promo

Tonight saw the return of Game of Thrones to HBO, and this provided the perfect excuse for the cable network to promote themselves.

HBO Preview Images: Eastbound And Down, Phil Spector, Behind The Candelabra And More

It’s worth pausing the latest HBO preview for a closer look.

IDW Solicitations In September 2012

And here’s what IDW will be publishing in Septmember 2012… STAR TREK #13 Mike Johnson (w) • Stephen Molnar (a) • Tim Bradstreet (c) The Redshirt’s Tale. Everyone knows the joke about the dire fate of crewmembers who wear red …

First Trailers For Aaron Sorkin’s New HBO Show The Newsroom And True Blood Season 5

Last night, the first episode of the new series of Game of Thrones gave HBO a great platform to trailer two of their more keenly anticipated upcoming series. First, let’s sweep True Blood season five. A pretty basic little teaser. …

Straw Dogs – The Bleeding Cool Review

Straw Dogs isn’t just a remake, it’s a loving tribute to a classic movie that was notorious in its day. But do we need another siege at Trencher’s Farm? Even if it’s a pretty as this one?

From Zomnibus To Archie – An IDW September Cover Gallery –

We already know about the intriguing Star Trek #1, but September also brings True Blood, Turtles, new Ghostbusters, The Cape, a Locke & Key guide to the Keys, GI Joe stuff, Doctor Who stuff, Jurassic Park stuff, Transformers stuff, Godzilla, …

Saturday Runaround – True Blood, Hard Cover

ConWatch: Wizard World Austin is happening today and tomorrow. If anyone’s going, get in touch, I have a story I need some confirmation on… WaterWatch: DC Comics tease exactly what is going on with Aquaman by dropping the title “AquaWar”… …