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13 Comic Covers For November That Are Either Transformers, Angry Birds, Or Both!

November sees the launch of the Transformers/Angry Birds comic from IDW, who happens to own both the comics license for Transformers from Hasbro and Angry Birds from Rovio. So why not show all they have to offer for November? Firstly …

From Superior Spider-Bots To Paper-Thin Transformers – Real Life Robots Step Up

Whether it’s a sheet of paper that sits up and walks off… Or if it’s a thousand robots scurrying around and working together to create shapes… It’s hard not to see the precedents in pop culture. With that in mind… …

The Best SDCC Announcement In The History Of History? Angry Birds/Transformers Crossover From IDW

Spinning out of the IDW/Hasbro liveblog… Angry Birds Transformers crossover! Written by John Barber and artist my Marcelo Ferreira. Covers by Livio Ramondelli, and Casey W. Coller & John-Paul Bove, the All-spark fall to Piggy Island. The personalities get grafted …

47 Thoughts About 47 Comics – Walking Dead, Scooby Doo, Amazing, 2099 And 100th Anniversary Spider-Man, All-New And Amazing X-Men, Superior Foes, Black Dynamite, Detective Comics, Wolverine, Death Vigil, Maxx, X-Force, Futures End, Ghosted, Transformers, Superman/Wonder Woman, New Suicide Squad, Usagi Yojimbo, Judge Dredd, Infinity Man, Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Spread, Royals, Rise Of The Magi, Armor Hunters, Rai, Star Trek, X, Terminator x2, Star Wars, Eery, Great Pacific, Abe Sapien, Angry Birds, Warlord Of Mars, Blood Queen, Pathfinder, Turok, Shutter, Magnus, Doc Savage, Chastity, Robotech/Voltron And Wolverine

Scooby Doo goes to Comic Con and meets… an old British fellow with a long scarf. I wonder who he could be? And did he steal all the backgrounds from this comic? Because, yes, even if you set a comic …

Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

For a while, it was published that Brendon wrote this review. He didn’t. He hasn’t seen the film. This is by Patrick Dane.

A Glowing Transform-Her

After launching a Marvel line ahead of San Diego Comic Con, the she-geek specialists Her Universe have just unveiled a line of Transformers-based clothing, with at its centrepiece another glow in the dark design…  

Glittering Transformers And San Diego Wampas From Funko

Every Friday, Funko is releasing new limited-edition Hikari vinyl figures. Hikari, meaning “light”, is a highly collectible line of clear Sofubi Vinyl Figures. Each figure will be ultra-limited and will include a hand numbered card to prove authenticity and rarity. …

Twenty New Images From Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Among the highlights, humans handling some alien technology, another angle on Optimus’ new pet, a full body shot showing the human-to-Transformer scale and more.

Two New Clips From Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Somewhat surprisingly, the first early reviews out of critics on Transformers: Age of Extinction have been positive.

Late Night Fun – Uber And Transformers Team Up To Prank Three Fans

To go with the upcoming movie, Transformers: Age Of Extinction… the movie producers and the driver service Uber teamed up with Break.com to surprise three unknowing Transformers fans who called for a ride.

Transformers Featurettes Introduce The Manly Men Heroes

Paramount have released a pair of videos to introduce the characters of Cade and Shane, the sweaty, dirty, autobot sympathisers from Transformers: Age of Extinction. It’s hard not to like Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor. They’ll do this film a …

Mark Wahlberg Gives Sherlock Holmes A Run For His Money In This Clip From Transformers: Age Of Extinction

This scene from the new Transformers starts with Mark Wahlberg piecing together observations to arrive at a new understanding just like any good fictional detective. It’s kind of spoiled when the last piece of evidence is a smoking gun. I …

John Byrne, The Fantastic Four And Racebending In Casting

There has, naturally, been some debate on Bleeding Cool message boards on the merits of racebending when casting roles in movies based on comic books from the sixties. With Louis Falcetti saying: I now realize that “diversity” isn’t a bad …

New Robots Featured In Transformers: Age Of Extinction :60 TV Spot

The Rules Have Changed. We Are All Targets Now. Judgement Day. I really hope the actual movie will have much more a sense of humor about itself.

45 Thoughts About 45 Comics – Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Amazing Spider-Man, Detective Comics, Futures End, Justice League Unlimited, Secret Avengers, Deadpool, The Royals, Superman/Wonder Woman, All-New X-Men, Twilight Zone, Pathfinder, Manifest Destiny, Revenge, Starlight, Real Heroes, God Is Dead, Uber, Crossed, Legenderry, That’s Because You’re A Robot, Ash, Blackout, Moriarty Lives, Blood Queen, Rogue Trooper, Dexters Lab, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Sinister Dexter, Star Trek, Transformers, Wraith, Angry Birds, Pestilence, Wasteland, Sixth Gun, Star Wars, Edgar Allen Poe, Abe Sapien, Bloodshot, Tales Of Honor, Armor Hunters, Archer And Armstrong And Wildfire

Another week, another bevy of new comic books to dive face first into… The Twilight Zone Annual raises that terrible danger, that of social media! It’s a clear and present danger in today’s society and something that must be destroyed/feared/demonised …

Human Drama In First Clip From Transformers: Age Of Extinction

We all know Optimus Prime and the Autobots aren’t the real villains, but the first clip released from Michael Bay’s latest installment of the giant alien robot franchise is all about the human villains.

How To Ride Your Dinobot – New Transformers Promos Riff On How To Train Your Dragon [UPDATED]

Not the typical promo for a Michael Bay film you’d have to admit, and interesting for it.

New Transfomers: Age Of Extinction Posters Implore Us To Keep Earth Human

Poor Autobots. I’m not sure why the humans in Transformers: Age of Extinction think they are even able to wipe out gigantic alien robots capable of mass destruction, even if they do see them as a threat, but now more …