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Mark Wahlberg Gives Sherlock Holmes A Run For His Money In This Clip From Transformers: Age Of Extinction

This scene from the new Transformers starts with Mark Wahlberg piecing together observations to arrive at a new understanding just like any good fictional detective. It’s kind of spoiled when the last piece of evidence is a smoking gun. I …

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Super Bowl Trailer

Yes, there are dinobots.

New Transformers: Age Of Extinction Set Video Features Spoilerish Optimus Prime Dialogue

It hasn’t exactly been plain sailing on the Hong Kong set of Transformers 4 but the crew are still soldiering on, getting some of the film’s most important, high-drama scenes in the bag.

An Image Of The Human Stars Of Transformers 4

That’s Mark Whalberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor, in case you were interested. No? You’re just here for the robots? Think you’re going to have to wait a little longer…

Behind The Scenes Image Of Bayhem On The Set Of Transformers 4

Michael Bay wielding his camera like a mounted gun as scenery debris flies around him. Just an average Thursday probably.

Truly, Madly, Deeply Murky Image Of Dinobots From The Set Of Transformers: Age Of Extinction – Too Late

Very, very, very, very, very murky. Is that a unicorn?

Transformers 4 Is Officially Transformers: Age Of Extinction; Teaser Poster Revealed

The new Transformers movie is officially Transformers: Age of Extinction, with a similarly themed teaser poster released to match.

Famous Toy Shop Ready For “Dinobots Themed” Transformers 4, To Be “Premier Global Destination” For Star Wars

Even including a tiny promotional poster-type-thing for the upcoming Star Wars trilogy if you’re fussed about that.

First Official Shot From Transformers 4, Word That Dinobots Will Be On Set Today

The oft-rumoured inclusion of Dinobots in the upcoming Transformers 4 could well be confirmed later today.

Pics And Vid: Mark Wahlberg Gets To Play With Alien Hardware On The Set Of Transformers 4

Marky Mark is getting to play with a nice new weapon and some kind of alien space craft.

Casting Roundup: Bradley Cooper, Ben Whishaw, Transformers 4 And More

Another YA adaptation rolls the dice, Ron Howard gets his Herman Melville and more casting news of the day.

New Ninja Turtle Movie Pushed Back To Sell More Transformers Toys

The lunchbox industry is about to have its production capacity tested like it’s 1982.

Chinese Box Office Decides The Fate Of The Pacific Rim Sequel, But Hollywood Is Struggling To Get Paid

Pacific Rim has just had a very impressive opening in China, but how long until Warner Brothers see the money from this big box office win.

On Set Images For Transformers 4 Hint At China’s Role In The Film

A small set of Chinese architecture has been photographed in Detroit, showing off one way the film will draw on China’s culture.

Transformers Adds To Its Super Car Line Up – Bumblebee Mark 2 And More

Transformers 4 is looking more and more like a car advert with its ever expanding roster of super cars.

Read The Transformers 4 Signs – Remember Chicago, Forget Megan Fox

Here’s a fun phone number you can call… if you like tattling on robot aliens. Will you betray the Autobots?

Will Megan Fox Pop Up In Transformers 4?

Will Megan Fox be back for more Transforming? And will she do it behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador?

Chinese Media Told That Transformers 4 Centres On Their Country… But Does It?

How much China can you expect in the next Transformers film? Depends who you ask, it seems.