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Two Trailers From Star Wars Rebels With Actual Footage, Highlighting Some Of The Lead Characters

The first of these is the “spark” trailer, and then there’s the “ignite” one. You won’t miss the messaging.

Yonderland, A British TV Series To Utterly Fall In Love With

You may have seen me express my love for the Children’s BBC show Horrible Histories on Bleeding Cool before. Well that show that educated both myself and my children about the everyday Tudor use for excrement and won every award …

A Bunch Of Promos For Ronald D. Moore’s New Sci-Fi Show, Helix

Comparisons to The Thing have come and not quite gone. You’ll see some familiar zombie movie tropes in this footage too.

New Trailers For Next X-Men And Captain America Movies Rated And Ready To Roll Soon

Why are these trailers both gearing up for release now? Because Thor: The Dark World is on the way.

Two More Man Of Steel TV Spots With Lots Of New Footage

Planes get punched on the nose and the knives are out.

Three More Trailers For David Fincher And Netflix’s House Of Cards

The entire first series of House of Cards is going to drop onto Netflix this Friday.

Two Trailers For Harmony Korine’s Bikini Bandit Movie, Spring Breakers

James Franco, his corn rows, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and some guns.

Trailers For The Ten Lowest Grossing Wide Releases Of 2012

Includes one bona fide genre classic.

Christmas And Football Themes For Latest Despicable Me 2 Teasers

They look like the toy cannister in a Kinder Egg but are eight times as annoying.

First Mini-Trailers For Misfits Series 4

Stormy weather. Overalls. Surly yoots.

Goodbye To The Ponds – Two Surprisingly Spoilery Trailers For Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan

Oh blimey.

Apparently Leaked Clip And Two TV Trailers For The Next Resident Evil

Plus a bonus video of… something I don’t want to understand.

3D Trailers For The Avengers, Frankenweenie, Paranorman And More

Plus some vintage ‘classics’ – including Jaws 3D.

Three More Avengers Trailers – Hulk Smashes, Cap Takes Charge, The Team Comes Together

Each of these clips has a different focus. The first, extended spot puts Steve Rogers at the front, which is apparently where he belongs. The second sees the Hulk getting his instructions. The third gives everybody a moment, and plays …

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Video Round-Up – Including A 22-Minute Featurette

Help yourself to all of the Game of Thrones videos you could realistically sneak a look at on your lunch break. This first video is over 20-minutes worth of new material, and then there’s a series of themed smaller parts …

New Trailers For HBO Series Veep And Girls, Behind The Scenes Of Their Sarah Palin Movie, Game Change

Veep is the first US TV series from Armando Iannucci, creator of The Thick of It and In The Loop and is, to a large extent, in the same vein. This is the first full trailer for the show, and …

Two New TV Spots For The Hunger Games

Lionsgate have released two new TV ads for The Hunger Games, but I can’t see either of them from here in the UK. So… I guess they’ll just have to speak for themselves. I’m in this for Gary Ross, one …

Trailer For The Hunter With Willem Dafoe – Fans Of The Grey Should Find Things To Like

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool. Whole Liam Neeson is having his epic showdown with some arctic wolves this weekend in The Grey, Willem Dafoe is looking to follow in his footsteps with a little Man vs. Wild adventure of …