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A Final, And Rather Different, Theatrical Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past

If Bryan Singer and team have loaded this with as many resonances as X2, for example, we’ll be onto a real winner.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Clip-Trailer Hybrid

Star Lord segues from Indiana Jones to Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.

A New, Extended Trailer For Godzilla Brings The Noise

Wow. I like Godzilla more the more of it I see, and the more Bryan Cranston they give us. I’m starting to feel more and more confident that Gareth Edwards have done the near impossible and made a film with …

NSFW Trailer For Jason Segel And Cameron Diaz’s Sex Tape

Should have a good few laughs even while the plot seems slightly improbable

First TV Spot For Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Leaves The Hairless Ones Out Of It

The next line of dialogue is probably something like “Yeah, but they do need bananas” and then the whole film is about a war for fruit. Maybe. Or probably not.

First Trailer For The Mrs. Brown’s Boys Movie

I’ll call it now: this film will shift more DVDs in the UK this year than any other anything at all. It has to get through cinemas first, of course.

Our Friend And Spider-Buff @FilmFan1971 Has Seen 30 Minutes Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2…

This week, I broke a long-standing habit and went along to a footage screening for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Official Trailer For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Seems like they do have a new origin, as well as their new super-muscular builds. The Shredder variant and April’s dad did something that created the ooze that created the Turtles? That’s modern Hollywood thinking for you.

The Wachowskis Go All Out – New Full Trailer For Jupiter Ascending

We’ve been thinking of this one as Snow White by way of Star Wars. The Wachowskis and their backers have been thinking of it as the first in a trilogy. Now there’s a new trailer… and I’ll be curious to …

New Full Trailer For Edge Of Tomorrow – The Aliens Keep Killing Tom Cruise For An Eternity

Earth is being attacked by aliens that have to power to repeat slices of time over and over again. At first, Emily Blunt hijacked their power and now Tom Cruise has too.

Trailer: The “Dwayne Johnson” Rock Is Brett Ratner’s Hercules

The Rock is Hercules. He’s got his top off, he’s buff, he’s in a trailer that I might have expected to run with 300: Rise of an Empire. Guess it wasn’t ready in time.

Brief New Online Teaser For Tom Cruise “Groundhog Mech” Actioner, Edge Of Tomorrow

I’d like to think this is going to be superb. Tom Cruise has surprisingly good form with big blockbuster fare, and there’s an awful lot of interesting elements here.

New Full Trailer For X-Men Days Of Future Past – UPDATE – And A New Poster

This is an interesting trailer with an awful lot of Days of Future before we jump into the Past.

New Trailer For The Raid 2 – Mud, Punches And A Whole Lotta Bone Crunching

Gareth Evans is a very skilled director of action. He knows how to conceive it, how to stage it, how to shoot and how to cut it. For that alone this film will be essential.

Final Trailer For Amazing Spider-Man 2

People are starting to say The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the Empire Strikes Back of the new Spider series. Maybe that’s because it ends on a cliffhanger? Or a downbeat pay-off? Or maybe there’s a really good bit in the …

Holy Moly – The First Teaser Trailer For Peanuts Looks Absolutely Fantastic

Everything is right. The lines, the textures, the music, the voice, Snoopy’s laugh, and the stylised animation.

First Full Trailer For The Maze Runner Drops A Girl Into A Whole Labyrinth Full Of Boys

A bunch of teenage boys running on a razor’s edge of hormone-fuelled survivalism are presented with a young woman.

New Trailer For Maleficent Sells It On The Disney Legacy, And I Guess I Would Too

I hope this comes off. Even if it doesn’t, we can all just run back to Sleeping Beauty anyway.