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New Trailer For Luc Besson’s Robert DeNiro And Tommy Lee Jones Mob Movie, The Family

Also featuring Michelle Pfeiffer and Dianna Agron.

Tommy Lee Jones And Matthew Fox Try To Forcefully Liberate Japan In The First Trailer For The Emperor

Tommy Lee Jones as a high ranking military officer? Say it ain’t so!

“I Am A Prejudiced Man” – New International Trailer For Lincoln

Lots of blokes arguing about stuff.

Luc Besson To Write And Direct Time Agent Movie Based On The Valérian and Laureline Comics

Adapted from the French comic, that I have never read but sometimes heard of, Luc Besson‘s Valérian and Laureline movie is to be another large-scale science fiction film after The Fifth Element, and another comic book adaptation, after The Extraordinary …

Men In Black 3 – The Bleeding Cool Review

What would you do if you met a visitor from another time? Michael Moran finds out when he sees a movie sequel that’s at least a decade overdue. Has time been kind to Earth’s shadowy guardians?

Three Clips From Men In Black 3

Detective work, a gun fight, aliens, time travel plot mechanics, and a motorbike chase. These clips from Men In Black 3 have so much going on, I almost feel ripped off that there isn’t a musical number there as well. …

Some Things You May Not Have Spotted In The New Men In Black 3 Trailer

A new trailer for Men in Black 3 launched today and while most of it is utterly self explanatory, some shots seem to merit a little commentary.

New Men In Black 3 Trailer – Time Rips Open, Kitsch Goes Back To The Sixties

It’s lots more of the 60s, and of Josh Brolin’s Young K in this new trailer for Men in Black 3. it’s traditional that the “second trailer” carries a good amount of plot, more gags and more characters, and so …

New Men In Black 3 Posters Demonstrate The Agent K Aging Process

Men in Black 3 will span the decades, as these posters kinda sorta show you.

Is This a Men In Black 3 Spoiler? And Does It Lay Out the Future of the Franchise?

Rick Baker is many things. A make-up genius. An industry legend. A reputedly lovely man. And how about a big pair of flappy, loose lips? Baker has been speaking about his work on Men In Black 3, for which he’s …

New Poster For Men In Black 3 Spells “Kudgk”

Reading from left to right, this Men in Black 3 poster features 1960s Agent K, time-hopping agent J and then the Agent K from the here and now. I hope we get to see a lot more of Josh Brolin …

First Trailer For Men In Black 3 Sticks To The Set-Up

Emma Thompson gets to drop the exposition bomb in this first trailer for Men In Black 3, and what she doesn’t cover gets dealt with by the captions. The time jump was custom built for maximum 3D silliness. Jolly japes. …

Official Posters For Men In Black 3 – Cross Your Eyes And A 3D Sail Boat Appears?

I’ll apologise in advance for the furious headache I’m about to give you. There’s a URL on those posters – TheMenInBlackSuitsAreReal.com – which leads to a rather banal Facebook page. I’m sure something will appear there sooner or later, but …

Men In Black 3 Gets A Videogame: We Get A Look At It

Running up to its Spring 2012 release date The Men In Black 3 hype machine begins to spin up with this first look at the inevitable spinoff videogame. It’ll run on your XBox, Playstation or standard-issue Neuralyser.