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When Bleeding Cool Caught Up With Steven Knight To Discuss His Extraordinary New Film, Locke

Tom Hardy fans should absolutely love Locke. I certainly do.

Tom Hardy To Star In BBC Miniseries Taboo From Steven Knight And Ridley Scott

Filming on the 8-episode series will begin in early 2015. Hardy’s a busy man, after all.

Another Image Of Tom Hardy In Mad Max Fury Road

I hope we’re drawing in on some officially marketing materia. It’s definitely been a long time coming.

Doug Liman To Direct Tom Hardy In Splinter Cell

Tom Hardy has been attached to the lead role for over a year.

New Trailer For Steven Knight’s Locke Starring Tom Hardy

There’s a lot of exposition, and a lot of overly effusive critics’ quotes, but there’s also a real sense of suspense and danger.

Tom Hardy May Play Gangster Twins In Next Film

The Kray twins became infamous gangsters responsible for crime sprees in the UK in the 1950s and 1960s.

Trailer: Tom Hardy Is Locke In Steve Knight’s Novel New Thriller

I’m not going to tell you what’s so unusual about Locke because you’ll no doubt pick it up from this trailer.

Tom Hardy Joins Season 2 Of BBC’s Peaky Blinders

Ok, ok, I get it. I should start watching Peaky Blinders.

Casting Roundup: Tom Hardy Is Elton John, Plus New Projects For Jason Clarke, Lea Seydoux And More

And we’re back! • Tom Hardy is Elton John in Rocketman. The resemblance isn’t quite there for met yet, but if anyone is good at seamlessly slipping into completely different characters, it’s this guy. Also Sir Elton will be re-recording …

Better, Uncropped Image From The New Mad Max Film, This Time Without Scribble On It

The last time we saw this snap, it had been printed out, signed by Tom Hardy and then rephotographed. Now we get less squiggling and a proper look at the bike.

Mad Max Fury Road To Get Three Weeks Worth Of Extra Shooting, Adding New Scenes And Characters

From what we understand of the new film’s storyline and structure, there seems to be a clue that these will be additional scenes providing back story for one of the supporting characters.

Vincent Cassel Replacing Philip Seymour Hoffman In Child 44

Russian spy thriller Child 44 is losing Philip Seymour Hoffman but gaining Vincent Cassel.

Tom Hardy Drives Angry In First Clip From Real-Time Thriller, Locke

A thriller devised to play out in real-time, with Tom Hardy very much front and centre.

Steven Knight On Hummingbird, Locke, Subverting Religion And Making Statham Into Robin Hood

Including word on the very odd way he shot Locke, his upcoming Tom Hardy picture.

Tom Hardy To Star In Real-Time Thriller Locke From Eastern Promises’ Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight is a particularly interesting screenwriter with some great films already under his belt and his directorial debut, the Jason Statham thriller Hummingbird, is coming along for release later in the year.

Mad Max: Fury Road Script Turns Up In The Wild, Ends Up On Instagram

[Removed By Request Of Warner Bros]

John Hillcoat On Lawless, American Myths, Crime Movie Triple Nine And Actively Pursuing Sci-Fi

Mythmaking and lawbreaking, the way John Hillcoat and Nick Cave do it.

First Image Of Mad Max In The Form Of Tom Hardy – Or Is It?

Tom Hardy is looking rugged, but Rockatansky rugged?