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New Full Trailer For Edge Of Tomorrow – The Aliens Keep Killing Tom Cruise For An Eternity

Earth is being attacked by aliens that have to power to repeat slices of time over and over again. At first, Emily Blunt hijacked their power and now Tom Cruise has too.

New Trailer For Edge Of Tomorrow Starring Tom Cruise

Worst Groundhog’s Day ever.

Brief New Online Teaser For Tom Cruise “Groundhog Mech” Actioner, Edge Of Tomorrow

I’d like to think this is going to be superb. Tom Cruise has surprisingly good form with big blockbuster fare, and there’s an awful lot of interesting elements here.

When Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson, Tom Cruise, Kiera Knightley, Martin Scorcese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks And More Got The Clap

I have to say Sean Bean doesn’t look too happy. But everyone else seems to get into the spirit of things. The current playing advert on Film4 for its series of filmmaker and actor interviews…

Brad Pitt Sought For Reunion With Tom Cruise In Racing Drama Go Like Hell

Pitt has always shown an interest and was even attached to star in an earlier incarnation of the film when it was to be directed by Michael Mann.

First Trailer For Edge Of Tomorrow – Tom Cruise Vs. The Aliens With Infinite Lifes Mode Switched On

Formerly known as All You Need Is Kill.

New Images Of Time-Loop Sci-Fi Picture Edge Of Tomorrow With Tom Cruise And Emily Blunt‏

We’re less than one day away from the first trailer launching online.

Jack Reacher Sequel With Tom Cruise In The Works

This one will be based on the 18th novel in the Lee Child novel series.

Tom Cruise Wants To Reunite With Jack Nicholson For El Presidente

The famously picky actor hasn’t done a movie since 2010.

Mission: Impossible 5 Gets A 2015 Christmas Day Release Date‏

Debuting just a week after Star Wars: Episode VII.

Christopher McQuarrie Accepts His Mission: Impossible For Fifth Film In Series – UPDATED

And I’m pretty sure it’s a mission to direct. UPDATED with a confirmation from Cruise.

Comic-Con Poster For Tom Cruise Sci-Fi Film Edge Of Tomorrow Is Packing Heat

This sci-fi action picture has been adapted from the novel All You Need Is Kill, and was going to share the title. Probably for the best that it’s changed, though.

Tom Cruise Bails On Man From UNCLE Film To Focus On Mission: Impossible 5.

Another set back for one of the most set back films in the modern history of setting back.

Iron Man 3 And No Heroics Writer Drew Pearce To Script Mission: Impossible 5

We’ll call it Mission: Impossible 5 for now but the final title probably won’t have as many numbers or so little punctuation.

Armie Hammer And Tom Cruise Will Be Guy Ritchie’s Men From UNCLE

Something to keep Guy Ritchie and producer Lionel Wigram busy while possible Sherlock Holmes threequels are spun in the air.

Win! A Whole Pack Of Oblivion Goodies

The prize packs are made up of an Oblivion hoodie, a Lifetime clock, a USB phone dock and a set of earphones, with one winner also receiving a Bluetooth Laser Keyboard.

Tom Cruise Plans Another Sci-Fi Epic – The Alien War Picture, Yukikaze

Tom Cruise likes to repeat himself.

Oblivion Review – Wednesday Trending Topics

Is Oblivion what you want to see this weekend? Michael Moran gives you his opinion: I’ve heard quite a bit of negative buzz about Oblivion. Having now seen it myself I can’t, for the life of me, work out why. I really …