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First Trailer For This Is Where I Leave You Starring Jason Bateman And Tina Fey

This Is Where I Leave You originally had a different director (Adam Shankman) and a whole different cast around Jason Bateman when it was about to start production the first time around, and then for some reason, it all fell …

Director James Bobin Discusses Muppets Most Wanted In Depth

This guy knows Kermit the Frog so I definitely wanted to be in with him.

Tina Fey, Gonzo And Kermit’s Evil Double Filming The Muppets… Again! – IMAGES REMOVED

Gonzo gets his jumpsuit on.

Tina Fey And Steve Carell Set For Mail Order Groom This Summer, Mean Girls Musical In The Works

But it is all has to wait for a certain news-reporting frog.

Tina Fey Negotiating To Star In The Next Muppets Movie

She’ll join Kermit, Piggy, Walter, Ricky Gervais, Gonzo, Animal and all the rest.

James Bond Tribute Set For Oscars, Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Wear Pretty Dresses And Drop Dozens Of Golden Globe Gags

Men in tuxes, ladies in golden dresses.

Two Trailers For Admission With Tina Fey And Paul Rudd

From Paul Weitz, director of About a Boy.

The Academy Want Jimmy Fallon To Host The Oscars, But ABC Might Have An Objection

The Academy are said to want Jimmy Fallon to host The Oscars next year, and to have made some moves on getting him signed up, but there’s a catch.

Tina Fey And Paul Rudd Give Permission To Admission

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool. Tina Fey‘s work on Mean Girls remains one of my favourite movies of the last decade or so, and the fact it made that list without featuring brave, doomed Celtic men doing difficult things …

Kermit And Miss Piggy Are Headed To The Oscars

She didn’t seem too sure when I asked her about it a couple of weeks back, but it seems that Miss Piggy will go to the ball, afterall. According to The Academy, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog are to …

Five Things About Megamind With Director Tom McGrath

Bleeding Cool were these week lucky enough to sit down with Tom McGrath and Will Ferrell, director and star of the -finally-out-in-the-UK-today, Megamind. What Ferrell told us will come later, but first, here are Five Rather Interesting Things that McGrath gave …

Five Minutes From The Beginning Of Megamind Owe A Debt To Superman

Sure, it’s a parody – but it needed something to parody in the first place. Here are five minutes from the beginning of Megamind and, despite the dependence on voiceover to keep the exposition coming, I didn’t find this too …

Matt Damon, Jon Hamm To Guest Star In This Week’s Live 30 Rock

Sommers is in the… er… city. And he’s guest blogging. And here I thought this whole “Live-Television-Episode” gimmick might have crescendoed last week in the States when Seth MacFarland’s animated The Cleveland Show lampooned the idea. No such luck: 30 …

Latest Megamind Trailer Clogged With Superman Tropes

Here’s another Megamind trailer, stuffed to the gills with tropes from the Superman series. We finally get a good look at the “real villain”, and the whole thing seems even more conventional than it did last time around. On screen …

Megamind Footage From Comic-Con

Almost four minutes of Megamind were played at Comic-Con yesterday. Today, they’re everywhere. From what I hear, Dreamworks have made some notable steps forward in how they use 3D in this film, taking it beyond what they acheived with How to …

Tina Fey Regrets Not Writing Mean Girls 2

One thing I’ve seen again and again in reportage on the second Mean Girls movie is a real disappointment that the original’s screenwriter, Tina Fey isn’t involved. I can understand that – she’s rather more tried, tested and ultimately trusted …

Steve Carell Has Scripted Get Smart 2 Himself, Tina Fey Is Scripting Another Comedy For The Two of Them

Some success of The 40 Year Old Virgin is down to its original screenplay, no matter how sculpted through adlibs and editing that may have been. There’s a sweetness and completeness to the film’s arc that prove really effective I …