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You’ve Got A Dystopian Society With Children In Death Matches? Let’s Make A Theme Park!

Going to borrow from Wikipedia here: A dystopia society set in “Panem”, a country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and twelve districts in varying states of poverty. Every year, children are chosen to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match called The …

James Cameron Hosts This Video Look At The Avatar Theme Park Project

Including a pretty clear presentation of how the Banshee ride is going to work.

20th Century Fox To Open First Theme Park Including Alien, Life Of Pi, Night At The Museum Attractions

Offering “media based rides, thrill rides, dark rides, children’s rides and water rides” to the people of Malaysia.

TV Promo For New Transformers Theme Park Attraction

Floridians and tourists can now enjoy the newly opened Transformers ride at Universal’s Orlando theme park.

Report: Star Wars Land Set For Walt Disney World In Florida – UPDATE: More Details

Inevitable, really, but now we probably have some idea of what it will feature, where it will be and when it’s going to happen.

First Look: The Simpsons Theme Park “World” Coming To Universal Studios

Brrrrr. I absolutely never want to get within twenty metres of Krusty the Clown.

Rumour: Are Universal Planning A Middle Earth Theme Park?

And word of a real Middle Earth tourist attraction you can visit today.

Harry Potter Cast Have Filmed New Scenes In Secret – But Not For A Film

Helena Bonham Carter is in the witching mood again.

Transformers 4 May Be Headed To Cybertron For “A New Type Of Action”, As Long As The Budget Allows

When Michael Bay soon reteams with his big f***in’ robots, a lot of things will be different. The human cast is getting shaken up, and that’s likely to be the biggest thing. Then there’s going to be some redesigns of …

Full Superbowl TV Spot For New Transformers Theme Park Ride

No new Transformers movie this year (unless you count Battleship and I can see why you might be a touch confused) but there is a new theme park ride based on the franchise, and that got trailered instead.

You Can Visit Hobbiton And Have A Drink In The Green Dragon

Peter Jackson and his Hobbit crew have started cameras rolling again, filming scenes on the rather extraordinary outdoors Hobbiton set at Matamata. Here’s an aerial picture of some of the set. Looks great. The sort of place I’d love to …

Star Trek Gets Theme Park Attraction, How To Train Your Dragon Becomes Arena Show

Spin-off time. Here’s a couple of big, expensive movie tie-ins that could draw punters in colossal numbers. Dreamworks have teamed up with Melbournes’ Global Creatures to devise a live arena show, retelling the story of How to Train Your Dragon. …