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900,000 Copies Of Each Of Red Giant Entertainment’s Comics Coming To Stores In December

In December, Red Giant Entertainment is publishing a new line of comics, previously seen during this year’s Free Comic Book Day. That saw four comics bagged together and given away free, but the publisher isn’t stopping there. They have announced …

Tesla’s Ashes, From Museum To Church

It is reported that the ashes of scientist maverick and genius Nikolai Tesla (pictured above) are to be moved from the Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia, where they have been kept since 1957. His remains will now be kept at …

Brad Bird And Damon Lindelof Tease Secret Film – Could It Be The Rocketeer? Maybe?

I think the pieces fit together pretty well. Perhaps. A bit.

Disney Update On Just About Everything – Muppets, Marvel, Pirates And More

Disney have an awful lot on their schedules.

Is Brad Bird’s Secretive Sci-Fi Movie About Nikola Tesla?

Some pretty sketchy ‘evidence’ but take a look, anyway.

Brad Bird Is Planning To Introduce George Clooney To Some Aliens

Is nerd-dom really ready for some huge sci-fi, Brad Bird style?