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Diverging Futures – The New Sarah Connor Is Either Emilia Clarke Or Brie Larson

After some testing, Alan Taylor has narrowed his search for the new Sarah Connor in his Terminator reboot down to two.

Rumour: Terminator 5 Set In The 40s Or 50s, Dwayne Johnson Joining In?

Are Sarah Connor’s parents the key targets next time? Will The “Dwayne Johnson” Rock play a “sinster machine”?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’ll Be The Terminator In Terminator 5, Filming In January

There was a possibility that Schwarzenegger would have a human role in the next Terminator movie. He has, after all, a slightly different appearance these days.

Arnold Schwarzenegger To Appear In Terminator 5

More terminating on Arnie’s slate, alongside tripleteering and Conaning.

Tuesday Night Mini-Rushes – Cameron Returns To Terminator, Gets Theme Park, Pushes Cinema Technology

Busy day tomorrow, with an early start. This means I’m going to be keeping this installment of Rushes pretty darn short, and most of the stories will be deferred, redirected into tomorrow’s installment. I’ve decided to run with just three …