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Holy Moly – The First Teaser Trailer For Peanuts Looks Absolutely Fantastic

Everything is right. The lines, the textures, the music, the voice, Snoopy’s laugh, and the stylised animation.

First Proper Teaser For Orphan Black: Season Two

The first series of Orphan Black twisted and contorted, surprised and confounded. I don’t think the second series could possibly advance down such a winding road.

A Very Close Look At The Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer

Going shot-by-shot through the first teaser and putting it all together again.

First Footage From Guardians Of The Galaxy

They’re teasing us, not least by hiding the Racoon. Still… it’s good stuff.

Curious “Two Snakes” Trailer For The Double With Jesse Eisenberg And Mia Wasikowska

Richard Aoyade’s adaptation of The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky seems to also be deriving a lot from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

First, Simple Teaser For Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race

Like the first film, it’s going to be made by Timo Vuorensola on the cheap – which is great, and to be encouraged.

Three More Teasers For 24: Live Another Day – Pistol, Glass And Tower

It looks like there’s going to be an attack near the Gherkin in the new series of 24.

First Teaser For The New Series Of 24, Live Another Day

London’s burning?

Two Teaser Trailers For German Seven Dwarves Adventure, The 7th Dwarf

An animated spin-off from one of the most successful German films of all time.

First Teaser Trailer For The Live Action Version Of Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service

Though I always knew the Ghibli film as Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service, somewhere along the line, that Flying got lost, and I guess it wasn’t there in the case of the original books.

First Teaser For Planes: Fire And Rescue – Fighting A Wall Of Fire, Disney Style

Planes was clearly pitched at a younger audience than many animated films – as ridiculous as that might sound – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t well crafted stuff.

Original Trailer For Revenge… Er… Return Of The Jedi Is Reissued Amidst Episode VII Rumours

First of all, let’s flashback to the pre-release publicity for Return of the Jedi. Here’s a teaser trailer for the film, from before the title switch.

Amazing New Teaser For Studio Ghibli’s Tale Of The Bamboo Cutter Is Striking And Distinctive

This feels so fresh and is so brilliantly emotive that I simply can’t wait to see what else the movie will have to surprise us with.

First Tiny Teaser For Captain America: The Winter Soldier – A Short, Jam Packed Trailer

There’s some running, some exploding, some Natasha Romanoff and a whole lot of Steve Rogers all crammed into about ten seconds of footage.

Original Teaser Trailer For Empire Strikes Back Is Like A Primitive Ralph McQuarrie Motion Comic

And yes, I do think the official Star Wars channel is going somewhere with all of these teasers…

First Teaser For Star Wars Rebels, The New Animated Show From Dave Filoni And Greg Weisman

The first episode of Rebels will air this time next year with a full series set for launch in 2015.

Video: Marvel’s Official Release Of The Age Of Ultron Teaser Trailer – UPDATED

UPDATE: Now officially released via Marvel’s YouTube channel. Back in the summer I was lucky enough to see the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Con, revved up in fine style by Tom Hiddleston and capped off perfectly by Joss Whedon. …

Teaser For The Last Few Episodes Of Treme

There are only five more episodes of David Simon’s Treme to come.