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New Trailer For Laika’s Boxtrolls Is Comprised Of Wonderful Things… And Old Dirty Boxes And Bugs

Laika’s track record with stop motion is beautiful. Not least because it exists. This studio is persisting in making stop motion movie after stop motion movie while the industry at large has eschewed this craft.

Video: Robot Chicken’s Stop Motion Couch Gag From The Simpsons

Including some behind the scenes clips too.

Disney Producer Don Hahn On Frankenweenie, The Studio’s Evolution, Roger Rabbit Rumours And More

The realities of making a movie like Frankenweenie somewhere like Disney.

First Image And Voice Cast For The Shadow King

As sales company K5 prepare to take Henry Selick’s frozen-in-carbonite stop motion movie The Shadow King to the European Film Market, they’ve started listing it on their official site.

The Shadow King Is Trying To Escape The Disney Vaults

Fresh hope for one of the most wastefully halted of all film productions.

Frankenweenie Producer Allison Abbate Has “Auteurs” Lining Up To Make Stop Motion Movies

The future of stop motion animation. Okay, “a” future of stop motion animation.

Laika Have Passed On Henry Selick’s Film The Shadow King

Bad news, everyone.

Three More Clips From Frankenweenie Show Off Its Monster Movie Credentials

This Autumn’s best stop motion horror film for kids. And, you know, it had some pretty stiff competition.

Frankenweenie Featurette Packs New Footage, Chatter

Tim Burton, his cast and producers have some yammering to do, and some clips from Frankenweenie to show in between. Do be warned that this featurette gives away some plot specifics that have been kept pretty much under wraps until …

Who On Earth Could Resist ParaNorman After This Video?

Including some very groovy stop motion demonstration video.

Stunning Frankenweenie Clip Sets Up The Sci-Fi Elements Of The Story

Mary Shelley might have been moved to call it Frankenweenie; or the Suburban Prometheus.

Online Only Trailer For Paranorman Is Full Of Beautiful, Stylised Images

Tristan Oliver‘s cinematography has captured the bold, stylised colour designs of Paranorman beautifully and this web-only trailer really shows off some of the more extreme shots. We’re talking about almost Wong Kar Wai richness of colour, just pouring off the …

Disney Pull The Plug On Henry Selick’s Next Film

The director of Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas just felt the axe.

Fantastic Trailer For Toys In The Attic – Like Toy Story But With Stop-Motion And Live Action Not CG

Dark and dirty attic time.

Video: Paranorman’s Director On How Crappy Childhood Made Him Who He Is, And Made Him Make This Film

We’ve all been there. It’s always sucks.

Charlie Kaufman And Community’s Dan Harmon Team Up For A Stop Motion Film, Take It To Kickstarter

Yes please.

Coraline’s Henry Selick To Direct The Graveyard Book, But Before That…

Everything I know about Shadmaker, Cinderbiter and The Graveyard Book for now.

Fantastic Mr. Fox And Coraline Talents Uniting For Goblins Movie

Phillip Reeve posted some excerpts from the reviews of his new book, Goblins, to his blog. Amongst the genuine reactions, he included some apparently from the goblin characters in his story. Here’s a couple. MoRe thAn wun HUNDRID sheets of …