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BBC Worldwide Apologises To Steven Moffat And States That Those Responsible For Doctor Who Leaks Have Been Disciplined

A statement on the recent leaks from the eighth series of Doctor Who has been released by BBC Worldwide. It reads, We would like to thank Doctor Who fans everywhere for their amazing efforts in helping us contain the recent leaks. …

The Scottish Sun Splashes With Doctor Who Spoilers

Bleeding Cool has chosen not to run spoilers based on the first five scripts of the new series of Doctor Who after we broke that story out on Monday. Basically because I have chosen not to read them – though …

The Sherlock Christmas Special We Were Expecting Is Coming In 2015 Says Martin Freeman

I had heard that the next episode of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss‘ Sherlock was going to be a Christmas special. I’d initially been led to believe that it would air in 2014, though I obviously started to doubt that quite …

Doctor Who To Return On August 23rd With Feature Length Episode Deep Breath, Here’s A Teaser

This teaser isn’t desperately different to the last one but the BBC have announced plenty of other info on the side, most importantly perhaps that the show will return on August 23rd. The first episode of Doctor Who series 8 …

No Doctor Who Panel At Comic Con This Year So BBC Worldwide Can Have Their Own Parties

Instead of stopping off at Comic Con, the Doctor Who team are going to give all of their summer marketing efforts to a “world tour” the BBC are planning in August. Thanks to Nerdist for bumming us out with this official …

Was The Sherlock One-Off Special Planned For This Christmas?

It’s been suggested to me a few times now that the next episode of Sherlock will air this Christmas. It was first suggested just before the third season had aired.

BBC Sherlock Manga Getting An Official English Translation Shortly

We’ve talked about this comic before. A Japanese manga adaptation of the BBC Sherlock TV series. And now being published in English later this year. As a result of this information being… passed around, a number of manga scanlation sites, …

Mark Gatiss Scripting Two Doctor Who Season Eight Episodes For Peter Capaldi

One has to imagine that bookmakers would give Gatiss the best odds to take over from Steven Moffat as showrunner when – and surely it must be a matter of when, and not if – the situation comes around.

Keeley Hawes Joins Doctor Who As A Sexy Banker Villainess Type, Ms. Delphox

The hairdo and glasses have had a powerful effect on her look, but here’s the always more than watchable Keeley Hawes in her Doctor Who get-up.

Sylvester McCoy Seems To Have Spoiled A Bit Of A Doctor Who Surprise

Everything that follows is unconfirmed, but the general information sits very well with well-sourced rumours that have been criss-crossing behind the scenes for months now.

New Recurring Doctor Who Character Announced – Samuel Anderson Is Danny Pink

Meanwhile, there’s also a heavily qualified rumour that Peter Capaldi may only be playing The Doctor for one series. I don’t buy it, at all, but I thought you’d at least like to know.

JMS Has His Doctor Who Story All Mapped Out

When I got the chance to tell a Doctor Who story, for IDW’s comics line, I used a story I’d had in my head for years, Room With A Deja Vu, with a criminal case taking place in a space …

How The Hell Are Americans Meant To Avoid The Sherlock Season 3 Episode 3 Spoiler?

Relatively early on in the third episode of the third series/season of Sherlock, The Final Vow, we discover something. Immediately it affects things we encountered in previous episodes, radically transforming the way we view them. Now, we’ve all seen it …

Steven Moffat On Sherlock: “We’ve Plotted Out Series Four And Five”‏

A little while back, Moffat repeated that a fourth season is definitely coming. That wasn’t news.

Official First Image Of Peter Capaldi Filming The New Series Of Doctor Who – UPDATE: Second Pic

From the filming of the first episodes in the run, also the first to shoot. The first was written by Steven Moffat and the second by Phil Ford, both are being directed by Ben Wheatley.

Trailer For Sherlock Season 3, Episode 3 – His Last Vow

I’m not sure why the BBC didn’t run this after the episode that’s just finished, but they didn’t.

Watch: A BBC News Report From Inside The World Of Sherlock

The line between fiction and fact is a skipping rope and the makers of Sherlock are Buffalo Girls.

Sherlock Lives – Reality And Fan Fiction In The Empty Hearse

Tonight’s seventh episode, the first of the third series, took the self-awareness and meta-textuality to new extremes.