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Keeley Hawes Joins Doctor Who As A Sexy Banker Villainess Type, Ms. Delphox

The hairdo and glasses have had a powerful effect on her look, but here’s the always more than watchable Keeley Hawes in her Doctor Who get-up.

Doctor Who Live Blog – Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis

Yes, I know Tardis is an acronym. I just prefer the look of it in sentence case. It’s a design choice.

Neil Gaiman, Mark Gatiss And Neil Cross Confirmed As Writers Of Next Year’s Doctor Who

Will Neil Gaiman’s next episode be as good as the last? And will Neil Cross make a great debut? Here’s hoping.

Series Two Of Sherlock Following The Same Pattern As The First

‘Tis the season to wait eagerly for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. For me, truth be told, it’s the first year I’ve been anything like as keen, but this time around, it’s just about the most imaginary exciting box under …