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Nailbiter Knows Just How Fascinated We Are By Serial Killers – The Bleeding Cool Interview With Joshua Williamson

Nailbiter, out from Image in May, is one of those comics that inspires an unhealthy delight in the reader, recognizing a kind of condensed obsession with the whole history and cultural fascination with the origin, motivation, and operation of serial …

The Castle of Horror Podcast’s Horror On Netflix Retrospective Presents – Children Of The Corn

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman Bleeding Cool welcomes The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a look at horror movies, …

‘Have Realistic Expectations And Treat People Fairly’ – The 15th Anniversary IDW Interview With Ted Adams

This year marks the 15th Anniversary of IDW Publishing, and co-founder and CEO Ted Adams has a few reflections on his youthful obsession with books, working to bring some of his personal heroes to print, and the landmarks he’s noted …

Video: Under The Dome Season 2 Begins Production With Stephen King “Tweeting” From Set

Here he is “tweeting” and getting great WiFi on his typewriter. Who needs all that new-fangled technology?

Josh Boone The Newest Director Linked To The Stand Adaptation

Well, at the very least the material would be in the hands of a bona fide superfan.

John Cusack Wants To Star In A Movie Version Of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

It’s no secret that John Cusack is a big Stephen King fan.

Stephen King Adaptation Cell Adds The Hunger Games’ Isabelle Fuhrman

She beat up Jennifer Lawrence pretty good in The Hunger Games and was terrifying in Orphan, so she’s probably ready to take on a zombie apocalypse.

New Dark Tower Rumor Has Liam Neeson Interested In Playing Roland

Actors previously linked to the role include Russell Crowe, Viggo Mortensen and Javier Bardem.

Ron Howard’s Dark Tower Still Alive, Aaron Paul Has Had Meetings About Eddie Dean Role

If Paul is as in the loop as he seems to be, it appears the original plan of movies with TV components is back on track.

Another Stephen King Adaptation Headed For Television

King’s pretty cool with letting people make major changes to his works when adapting them, for better or worse.

Paul Greengrass At The Top Of Warner Bros’ Wishlist To Direct The Stand

They may have lost another director in Scott Cooper, but Warner Bros is charging full speed ahead on their adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. At the top of their wishlist to fill the vacant director’s chair, according to Badass …

Scott Cooper Won’t Direct WB’s Adaptation Of Stephen King’s The Stand After All

The post-apocalyptic horror tale has lost yet another director as Out of the Furnace’s Scott Cooper steps down due to “creative differences.”

Samuel L. Jackson Joining John Cusack In Movie Of Stephen King’s Cell

I was considerably more interested in the big screen interpretation of Cell when Eli Roth was writing and directing and not The Last House on the Left’s Adam Alleca and Paranormal Activity 2′s Kip Williams. Okay, Stephen King has apparently …

Ben Affleck’s Busy So Scott Cooper Is Going To Adapt Stephen King’s The Stand Instead

Warner Bros. continue their mission to bring Stephen King‘s epic, apocalyptic fantasy sage The Stand to our cinema screens by recruiting Scott Cooper, director of Crazy Heart and the upcoming Into The Furnace, to write and direct. Ben Affleck was the …

Two Ad Men, One Professor, And A Comic Book Called The Last West

Evan Young and Lou Iovino write for Bleeding Cool: Let’s be fair and put full disclosure at the top: Our names are Evan Young and Lou Iovino and we work in advertising. But by the time you’re done reading this, …

Under the Dome Renewed For A Second Season, Stephen King To Write The First Episode

The residents of Chester’s Mill are going to be stuck for a fair bit longer.

HP Lovecraft Meets Stephen King Meets The Walking Dead – Afterlife With Archie Is A Real Horror Comic

It was a Bleeding Cool scoop from San Diego Comic Con that retailers were going to be asked not to stack Afterlife With Archie with their other comic books. But it looks like it’s going further than that. Today, Archie …

Now Steve Ellis To Draw Haven Comic

Was it yesterday? or the day before? that we mentioned that Steve Ellis would be drawing the Breaking Bad webcomic? Seems like he’s the go-to guy. He’s also writing the Haven spinoff comic, After The Storm, free with the season …