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Now Is The Time To Buy The Complete Star Trek: The Original Series On Blu-Ray

These episodes never looked this good on broadcast, and I found some scenes to be absolutely jaw-dropping.

JJ Abrams And CBS Make Not Entirely Contradictory Statements On Your Chances Of Seeing A Star Trek TV Series

Yet more chat about the possibility, however slight, of Star Trek coming back to the small screen.

From Jack Kirby’s New Gods To X-Files Vs Transformers And TMNT, It’s IDW Solicitations For February 2014

IDW’s solicitations for February 2014 starts out string with the Artist’s Edition of Jack Kirby’s New Gods, before giving us X-Files Vs Transformers and X-Files Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as new Rogue Trooper ripped from 2000AD and …

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Takes On High Fashion

Michele Brittany writes for Bleeding Cool from Comikaze: For the first time in the short history of Stan Lee’s Comikaze, being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Friday, November 1st through Sunday, November 3rd, held a Geek Fashion …

Joe Cornish Latest Rumored Frontrunner For Star Trek 3 Director Job

As JJ Abrams deals with all sorts of drama over at his new gig, the franchise he left behind is still playing musical chairs trying to lock down a director for Star Trek 3. From John M. Chu to Rupert …

IDW Solicitations For January 2014 – Turtles To Transformers, Ponies To Purgatory, Samurai Jack To Star Trek

Here come the IDW solicitations for January 2014… the start of a new Pony comic, an X-Files crossover with the rest of the titles, a new book called Purgatory by Joe Halpin Sr. and Juanfrancisco Guerrero, Dan Goldman’s Red Light …

New York Comic Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan 2013

Today sees the release of Star Trek: Khan #1 in all good comic book stores. You may need to prepare yourself. Here, thanks to New York Comic Con is a refresher course.

Bob Orci Says He’s Had A Meeting With CBS About Bringing Star Trek Back To TV

There is definitely a vocal fanbase that believes Star Trek should be on our TV screens again, whether or not that’s in parallel to or instead of the ongoing movie series.

98 Cents? Don’t Spend It All At Once

In an industry where comic creators aren’t that happy discussing exactly what they get paid, John Byrne has been relatively forthright. On Marvel: Received a royalty check from Marvel yesterday. For $0.98!! I wonder what that cost them to process? …

Juan Ortiz Creates New Posters For Each Episode Of Original Star Trek TV Series

Trekker and artist Juan Ortiz decided to boldly go where no one had g0ne before… in his new book, Star Trek: The Art Of Juan Ortiz, the artist creates a movie-style poster for every episode of the original Star Trek …

Star Trek Into Darkness Going Cheap Right Now

Pretty hefty discount – so I’ve just stuck it in my cart.

Now Is The Time To Buy The Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection

The first six Star Trek films are collected in a pretty polished Blu-ray collection, alongside a bonus disc featuring The Captain’s Summit, a slightly misnamed hour’s worth of roundtable discussion.

IDW Solicitations For December 2013 – Darwyn Cooke Gives Us More Parker

Here’s a look at IDW’s solicitations for December… a new Sinister Dexter comic from the pages of 2000AD by Dan Abnett and Andy Clarke, and new comics The Illegitimates #1 by Taran Killam, Marc Andreyko and Kevin Sharpe, Indestructible #1 …

Alex Ross Boldly Goes Where He’d Never Gone Before – Again

This one kind of surprised me. Alex Ross seems to be the guy everyone in Hollywood goes to for iconic images. But Silver K Gallery announced “The Final Frontier“, a new limited edition giclee calling it the first Star Trek art …

Star Wars, Star Trek And V Author Ann Crispin Passes Away

It was announced today that Science Fiction author Ann Crispin passed away this morning after a prolonged battle with cancer. Crispin wrote twenty-three published novels in thirty years, getting to play in some of the biggest sci-fi franchises and even …

Not-So Mystery Box – Even The Blu-Ray Cover For Star Trek Into Darkness Blows It

This Blu-ray case could honestly be argued to be as big a botch as the “special features situation” also dogging the release.

Star Wars Episode VII To Be Shot On 35mm Film By Star Trek’s Dan Mindel

And so it seems that the mark of Abrams is already apparent on this project. No need for lens flare jokes, though. Really.

Transformers, My Little Pony, GI Joe, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Maxx, Joe Hill, And Some New Things – IDW’s Solicitations For November 2013

I am a big fan of Sam Kieth’s The Maxx and I am so happy that it’s coming back from IDW. But it’s not just old stuff made anew that’s caught me eye this month in IDW’s solicitations, Joe Hill …