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Baz Lurhmann May Direct Stanley Kubrick’s Unproduced Napoleon Miniseries For Steven Spielberg And HBO

It was controversial news when Spielberg announced he was making Kubrick’s Napoleon into a miniseries, and I think this newest update on the project will be just as divisive.

Masters of Cinema Monthly April 2013 – Le Beau Serge, A New Podcast, Pedro Costa and the Many Faces in The Gospel According To St. Matthew

Including: one good reason you should disobey Stanley Kubrick.

Shining Prequel To Be Written By Glen Mazzara, Sometime Walking Dead Showrunner

Glen Mazzara is probably best known, certainly most discussed, as one of the toppled showrunners of The Walking Dead, but his previous credits include runs on Nash Bridges, The Shield and the TV spin-off of Crash.

The Interactive Cover Of Stephen King’s Shining Sequel, Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep picks up with Dan Torrance, formerly best known as Danny, the child in The Shining with the shining.

Not-Safe-For-Work Trailer For The Clockwork Orange Meta-Movie, Alex

It would seem that Florian Frerichs’ Alex is something of a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s film of A Clockwork Orange. A follow up that isn’t really a sequel.

When Kubrick Tried To Come Up With A Title For What Became Dr. Strangelove

One of Kubrick’s brainstorming sessions preserved for our nosiness.

Spielberg Planning To Adapt Kubrick’s Unmade Napoleon Movie Into A TV Miniseries

Kubrick never realised his desire to make a picture about Napoleon. He spent a long time working on the project, amassed an incredible amount of research materials and even completed multiple drafts of the screenplay.

Matthew Modine’s Full Metal Jacket Diary App Is Available Now

Much of this material was previously published as a hardback book but that’s rare as hen’s teeth now.

Script Pages Reveal A Deleted Scene And Alternative Ending For The Shining

Courtesy of Toy Story 3′s director, Lee Unkrich.

We Know What The Shining Is Really About, And We’re Going To Tell You. Perhaps

If you look really, really closely…

Stanley Kubrick’s First Feature, Fear And Desire, Headed To DVD And Blu-Ray – Finally

There is such a thing as Fear and Desire no matter what Hal Hartley almost said.

Warner Bros. Set Wheels In Motion For A Prequel To The Shining, As Stephen King Readies His Own Sequel

Could we be looking forward to duelling Shining spin-offs?

When Stanley Kubrick Made First Contact With Arthur C. Clarke

On the occasion of what would have been Stanley Kubrick’s 84th birthday, the supreme blog Letters of Note have reproduced this first bit of outreach from the director to his eventual Space Odyssey partner Arthur C. Clarke. Best bit? The …

Extended Cut Of The Shining To Get Theatrical Release This Halloween

After its initial US launch but before its release in Europe, Stanley Kubrick cut 24 minutes out of The Shining. Some say he was spurred on by bad reviews; others have said that he quickly learned from the responses of …

On the Anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s Death, a TV Spot for The Shining Comprised Entirely of Footage Not Used in the Movie

It was thirteen years ago today that Stanley Kubrick passed away. To commemorate, here’s a video that has been weaving in and out of my Twitter feed and inbox for the last week or so. It’s a UK TV spot …

Masters of Cinema Monthly January 2012 – Hitchcock, Two-Lane Blacktop And An Interview With Douglas Trumbull

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly and Seasons Greetings! Masters of Cinema have recently posted their own Seasons Greetings message here with the image above of Hitchcock peeking out from behind a turkey. Most likely an image chosen simply because it’s …

Stanley Kubrick’s Lost Debut Feature Fear And Desire To Play On TCM This December

Fear and Desire was the debut feature of Stanley Kubrick, made in his mid twenties, and pretty much lost by this thirtieth birthday. During his lifetime, Stanley frowned on requests for the film to be played at festivals or retrospectives …

Now Is The Time To Buy The Stanley Kubrick Collection On Blu-Ray

Roll up, roll up, get your Kubrick here.