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Booze Geek – Pumking And Pumpkinhead

By Dylan Gonzalez Beer: Pumking Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumking, if memory serves correct, was my introduction to pumpkin beer.  Pumpkin beer has been around for hundreds of years, but recently has caught on amongst the fall seasonal and …

Is Jurassic Park 4′s Secret Director Actually Steven Spielberg?

So… why do you keep a director secret from the crew you’re hiring? And what else do we know about Jurassic Park 4?

Video: How Jurassic Park’s Life Size T-Rex Was Built By Stan Winston Studios

The special effects in Jurassic Park weren’t all CG. Witness some of the most ambitious practical work.

Special Effects Tests Show Off The Scale Of Stan Winston’s Work On The Jurassic Park Series… And More

I did not know that there was an online school in the name of animatronics and FX pioneer Stan Winston; nor did I know that this school, The Stan Winston School of Character Arts, were releasing videos to the web, …