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Does This Captain America: The Winter Soldier TV Spot Really Contain A Massive Spoiler? Would They Really?

Either Marvel are stringing us all along or they’re getting slack with the spoiler safeguards.

The Justice League TV Ad For Target

Yes, good, point, where do they keep their loose change? Jim Lee should have designed more pouches….

New Game Of Thrones Trailer

They’re calling this trailer War and you’ll see why.

Iron Man 3 – Two Superbowl Spots, The Short One And Extended One

30 second and 90 second versions.

Fast And Furious 6 Superbowl Spot

The very first footage from Fast and Furious 6 has arrived in the form of a Superbowl trailer. “We’re talking vehicular warfare.”

Lone Ranger Superbowl Spot

“There were rumours that sustained us… stories of a man born in the desert…”

Three Walking Dead-Themed Superbowl Ads

Zombie mess.

Canted Angles And Wide Angle Lenses Give Les Miserables A Very Cinematic Look

An extended TV spot for Tom Hooper’s film of the musical.

More Footage And Fresh Dialogue In New Dark Knight Rises TV Spot

It’s Batman day.

That Farmers Insurance Avengers TV Ad

This will have been the conversation. “Okay people, our next TV ad for Farmers will be a tie in to the new Marvel movie The Avengers.” “Why?” “Because if we sign up more than five of our clients to¬†promotional¬†activity with …

Sell Your Comic/Toy/Film/Game/App/Geek Dating Service Here

As the year’s comic conventions yet again begin their seasonal march through the summer, so the traditional emails to Bleeding Cool come in, asking about advertising rates. Bleeding Cool began its life with a rather advertising-averse stance. But that was …

More New Footage From John Carter In New Promo

A one minute TV spot for John Carter aired during series premiere of The River, and quickly found its way online. Most of the new stuff here is of the spectacle variety – but it does look genuinely spectacular. Roll …

How Your Local Store Will Appear In The DC New 52 Cinema Ad

We’ve seen how the DC New 52 cinema ad looks. Well here’s the bit that your local retailer will pay 25% of the ad cost for, when it runs on your local cinema screen…

The DC Comics New 52 Radio Ad Is Quite Abysmal

This is the approved DC radio ad that retailers can run in their local area, and get 75% of the costs back. Shame it’s so very very dire. Some of you know that for most of my working life I …

Dunkin Donuts And Captain America – Could This Be The Greatest Movie Tie In TV Ad Of All Time?

I think it’s very likely, Lots of money usually changes hands in this kind of deal with both the studio and the product contributing to a joint advertising campaign that plugs the both of them. The problem is when you …

Frank Miller’s Second Gucci Commercial

Frank Miller has a new Gucci Guilty ad out. With Chris Evans, Evan Rachel Wood and a soundtrack by Bat for Lashes. This time it’s Pour Homme. Which means it’s fer blerks and stuff. Blerks who liked Sin City. Don’t …